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Are you looking for some natural solutions beyond nutrition and exercise to help you improve your life span while taking years off your appearance?

Well Sister (or enlightened Brother)~


Do yourself a favor and grab a sample of my latest book, 30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You and read on for a total overall solution to help you increase your lifespan and give you a youthful glow…and so much more…

This site will give you information that is not mainstream but handy at helping you live a long healthy happy life.
Get off this site quickly if you …

  • want to die at a young age
  • want to look older than what you actually are
  • want to feel tired all the time
  • want diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol
  • enjoy being in chronic or even acute pain
  • want the haggard look permanently
  • want to always put yourself last
  • want to walk around feeling overwhelm and anxious all the time
  • want to speed up the aging process
  • want to be unhealthy

I am Tomasa Macapinlac, The Self-Care Queen, truly an energy expert for the last 20 years helping people like you bring true vitality into your life so that you live the life you desire with ease and grace.

I have been helping mostly women have vibrant energy while keeping them youthful from the inside out.

  I have done this in several ways:

 Individual one-on-one sessions

  Workshops and classes

 My signature audio-guided program, The Vibrant Energy Flow System™

 My signature video-guided program, 30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You

and now my book released in December 2016, 30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You

To get started, check out my free report to your right, The 5 Attitudes That Keep You from Having Vibrant Health and Energy. And you’re in for a treat — there’s a guided audio download included as well, so you can use your own hands to boost your ENERGY!

In care and love,

Tomasa Macapinlac, The Self-Care Queen
Diplomat of Asian Bodywork Therapy (NCCAOM)