30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You


Attention: Hi-Achieving Women, Women who are “BIZY”(very busy running their businesses or someone else’s business), Working Moms, Super Women, and any woman who feels sluggish, tired, and not sure how she’s going to get through the rest of her day 

“Discover a Non-Medical Formula to Staying Youthful Inside Out (even If you think you’re past your prime!) “

 Here’s the secret to more focused energy. You’ll notice the ability to flow through the day. No matter what occurs during your day, your attitude will be positive. You will feel terrific all day long. The biggest takeaway is that you will also be able to smile when you look in the mirror.   Read on to learn about this powerful program.hands over heart by Starla

From:  Tomasa Macapinlac
Pleasant Hill, CA

Dear Sister,

Imagine yourself feeling calm, peaceful and a sense of knowing that everything is always working out for your highest good.  It is possible for success to come with ease and grace without compromising your health.  Feel the joy in having harmonious relationships and enough time to spend times with the ones that matter and doing the things that truly matter to you.

Now see yourself looking in the mirror and noticing how youthful you look. Hear the compliments people say as you glide by.  More than one person is going to ask you what your secret is. The change will be that dramatic.

The number one comment that you will hear is that you look twenty years younger.  You may- in fact – be mistaken for your daughter.

More importantly, you will wake up energized daily.  Feeling like you can accomplish anything with a renewed sense of life. Your body will not only look younger, but will feel less tense.

Embody Self-Care Rituals That Calm Your Emotions, Stop The Mental Self-Sabatoge And Give you a Youthful Glow


  • being more efficient with your day
  • spending quality time with your loved ones
  • picking up that hobby that you have been longing to do
  • feeling at ease in your body while dealing with all of life’s daily challenges
  • resetting your internal body clock

Right now you have the ability to tap into the Divine Source and turn your life around. This can happen only until you give yourself the love and attention that it has been longing for.

Keep your body, mind & spirit attuned to its best!  Make your life EASY. Quiet your mind.  Glow with youthfulness!

My story with white background It took me crashing and burning with my own energy reserves to really wake up and see and feel what was really going on with me. In 1996, I had this picture perfect family. A family of 4, we were living in the great suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area. Let me paint a picture for you – I was always dressing for success and going to work in name-brand suits and pumps I bought from Nordstrom or Macys, doing whatever it took to make the almighty dollar so I could support what I thought was an ideal holistic SUCCESSFUL lifestyle of organic foods and private Montessori schooling for my two toddler daughters. I mean, I had a lot of energy that was going nowhere. It took a lot of energy for me to complete tasks because I wasn’t focused. On the outside, I looked great. How I felt on the inside was a different story: there was no end to the madness of the rat race, the soles of my feet burned, my shoulder blades were always tense and I would fall asleep at 9pm after picking up my daughters from daycare, feeding them and sometimes having conference calls with the factory and customers after a good day of work.

I know everyone thinks the life of a sales executive is glamorous, but let me tell you that while I enjoyed wonderful lunches with my customers, I was in agonizing pain and constantly wondering if life was going to continue this way. I mean, I used to love shopping, but I simply couldn’t do it anymore because my feet ached all the time. I didn’t even want to go out on the weekends and do fun things with my girls – I just wanted to rest up so I could be ready for work the following week.

Finally, one day, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was awakened by the aches and pains of the common cold, but this time was different – I was exhausted. Utterly and completely exhausted. So exhausted that I couldn’t even get good rest. Have you ever been there?

I would go to work and by noon, I just wanted to go back to bed; I didn’t even know how I was going to drive myself home because I didn’t have the energy at all. You know how you keep thinking that you’re going to get better if you just wait out? Well, I kept thinking and hoping that this would be the case, but somehow I ended up in my MD’s office. Lucky me, she told me to just go home and get bed rest for 3 days without doing anything. I was forbidden from taking care of my girls, cleaning, working, or even cooking.

Yes, I was finally getting a vacation from all my Chief of the Household duties.

I followed orders, and after 3 days, I was still tired, hopeless and worried about what was happening to my 32-year old self. I mean, I was turning 33 in a month or so, but I didn’t know what evil thing was going on with me.

A co-worker (now a client) came to the rescue and gave me the name and number of a holistic practitioner who she thought could help. I carried that number in my purse for a few days, hoping I would get better. Finally, I caved in and called the practitioner.

When I got on the table to receive, I had no idea that I would experience what I did – I felt like I was getting my life back.

I had been Robot Mom, wife and fast-track hi-tech sales executive, so focused on taking care of my customers and family that I forgot to take care of the most important person: myself.

That day of receiving such ancient healing touched my life forever, and it has been the turning point in how I take care of myself. I learned not only how to work on myself, but I went on to learn how to work with others so that no one would experience what I did.

Even though I am no longer in the corporate world, my entrepreneurial world is just as demanding, but the key difference is that it’s within my control and I get to do work that I love. In fact, it’s been the very thing I’ve depended on to keep me ticking, to help me focus when I need to complete a task that might not be my genius and to lift me up when I need that extra boost to complete a project – because let me tell you, entrepreneurship is no piece of cake.

What I’ve learned is, you can’t numb out like you can in the corporate world – you certainly feel everything you are going through, better known as the fast track to personal growth. There can be emotional ups and downs as a holistic entrepreneur, but these ancient healing methods certainly keep me on an even keel when I apply it.

There is hope and you can turn your situation around.

You too can look better as you age!tomasa aging gracefully

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Get access to the tools that rejuvenate you!

get-started-nowBe a part of the vision…My vision in 2010 A World where everyone lives in harmony and balance. One that there is only LOVE in the world, and if you fall out of integrity with it, then you know how to get back to it by helping yourself or go to a healing center where you could obtain that.

You are a Spiritual being learning how to live in a human body and sometimes you need a little help to take care of your bodies and the emotions that go with it. This product teaches you how to have focused energy, calming emotions, less health challenges like colds, flus and even the dreadful headaches that shows up to remind you that you are out of balance and a youthful glow.

Visualize yourself ….

  • gettin’ your work projects done efficiently.
  • spending quality time with your loved ones fully present
  • picking up that hobby that makes your soul happy

You don’t have to eat nasty food to do it!  Nor do you have to skimp on your meals. You have healing energy in your very own hands!  You just have to access it and learn how to use it.

Access Ancient Healing Methods with…

30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You


  get-started-nowIt works! It helps with much more than what has already been mentioned here.  You’ve got to hear from some of the students who have taken a classes with me or are owners of the first edition of the audio product in the past 4 years:

I could hardly noticed that my period showed up. I had more energy.

Arehta Ennis
UC Berkeley

The audio product has been helping me feel well rested when I awakened in the morning.

Alicia Red 1


Alicia Nicole Waters
Alicia Waters Cross Industries

This very powerful healing art is effective and easy to do at a moment's notice!

Before working with Tomasa, I was having a hard time with low energy levels, especially in the afternoon. By utilizing Tomasa’s Vibrant Energy Flow System, I now know how to boost my energy quickly and on demand. This very powerful healing art is effective and easy to do at a moment's notice—anytime, anywhere!


Nathalie Chapron, Stylist Extraordinaire
Nathalie Chapron LLC

If you do them consistently, you'll enjoy a better pathway in life!


Jill TracyI've been using the Vibrant Energy Flow for some time. Not always faithful and not always all the flows, but the difference in my day when I do them is phenomenal! I like to do them in the early morning so I can unclutter my mind and feel the energy flow freely through my body. The flows are easy, but as with anything you're adding to your day, if you do them consistently you'll enjoy a better pathway in life.


Jill Lawrenson, Retired

It's a miracle!

It's a miracle! I was losing my hair and it was thinning, but after using the Vibrant Energy Flow System my hair begin to thicken.


Myla Rosebaugh
Ask For Grace
  get-started-nowYou’ve heard my story, you’ve seen pictures of my BIG transformation. You’ve heard from some of my students and clients who have experienced health and life breakthroughs

Here’s what’s gonna happen when you say Yes and APPLY 30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier Younger You, You will:

  • Have more stamina
  • Experience Less or no Colds or Flu
  • Look and Feel Young
  • Feel more inner peace
  • Melt away the tension in your body
  • Curtail toxic emotions before they ruin your relationships
  • Discover the Power Of Healing in Your Own Hands
  • Feel empowered to help yourself relieve tension

 This is an outstanding price for an anti-aging product -$97!

Special Bonuses ~

 Never Before Been Shared with the General Public – My Ageless Flow! (Valued over $1000)  Fueling you with energy while restoring your most important energy source that most of us neglect because we are so busy doing life.

  A Free pass to my upcoming webinar – The Three Common Mistakes Busy Moms make that keep them looking and feeling older than what they actually are ($497 value)

 Forthcoming book – 30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier Younger You in electronic form due to debut in FALL 2016 ( Valued at $25)

This works well even when you are seeing a holistic practitioner. Hear what other’s have to say who already see other holistic practitioners:

My chiropractic adjustments are easier and hold longer when I do the Vibrant Energy Flow System.

Erin Massengale
Danu Skincare

Tomasa has assisted me in maintaining my connection to my body by sharing tools and techniques that I could do on myself at home...AMAZING!

The first time I met Tomasa, I was in agony! I had injured my back after one of my busiest days in practice. That weekend I attended a chiropractic seminar where I was adjusted three times. Although my back was improving, I was afraid of my body because any slight motion would send my back into spasms. Lucky me, I had my husband drive me to an appointment with Tomasa because I couldn't push down on the clutch nor could I stand up straight. Honestly, I was really worried about whether or not I would be able to serve my patients the following week. Tomasa worked her healing magic, and by the end of the session I was no longer afraid of my body, but reconnected to it. I could stand up straight and I was able to continue serving my patients without interruption thanks to Tomasa!

Dr. Geraldine Mulhall, DC
Mullhall Family Chiropractic
get-started-now Dear it’s a steal…do you have any idea what it cost to learn this this information? You might ask, “Why are you sharing it at such an awesome price?

Make it easy on yourself to say YES to loving yourself. Don’t you want to be a part of the collective vision where you know how to bring yourself back to harmony and balance.  Imagine what it feels like when you know exactly what to do on yourself when you start to get a cold or when you feel like you can’t focus or when you feel like you have too many things on your list to complete…

PIN-DVDHere’s How It Works:

♥  First of all, there three ways for you to learn:

    • Video
    • Audio
    • Electronic Colorful & Detailed Manual

♥  Secondly, Each of the mediums includes:

  • An Introduction
  • Centering Flow
  • Attitude Adjustment Flow
  • Energizing Flow
  • Anti-Aging Flow
  • Detoxifying Flow

♥ Thirdly, you are encouraged to use the programs with 30 Days of support emails.(What do they say… that if you repeat something for 21 days, it becomes a daily ritual, eh?)

    • Emails/videos to encourage to stay on the journey
    • Facebook Group so you can share experiences and get help on journey.
    • Food Medicine and Non-toxic recipes along with personal care and cleaning products  are suggested to help your body stay healthy.

♥  Lastly, you are going to get some quick shortcuts to do, just in case you run out of time in your day and ideas on how you can embed this work in your everyday life.

Really…it’s that easy! Seriously!

Buy it today before you forget to do one of the most important things to increase your longevity naturally and take years off of your face. 

Check mark box 

Yes, Tomasa, I want to take years off my face and add years to my life! Send me my copy of PIN-DVD   So I can …

    • Have more focused energy
    • Look years younger
    • Add years to my life
    • diminish my pain whether that be headaches or backaches
    • naturally want to eat healthy (no more forcing myself to be discliplined)
    • Balance my hormones 
    • have a deeper restful sleep
    • have more STAMINA and want to exercise
    • experience more JOY even during trying times

In return, …

    • My relationships improve
    • I’ll feel at ease and find myself trusting the process of life
    • I will get to know myself on a soulful level
    • I become a prosperity magnet because of the vibration I hold

Where I will receive:

♦ 6 Life-Changing Videos

♦ 5 Guided Audio Files

♦ 30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You electronic manual complete with:

        • Introduction
        • Guidelines
        • Beautiful Detailed Easy to Follow Diagrams that look like this: CENTERING FLOW

♦  30 days of supportive emails and/or videos to help you stay on the journey of a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You

AND BONUSES valued over $1000!

 Grab Your Virtual Product TODAY (no shipping costs): 

Virtual Copy Only




May you soar to greatest heights in body, mind and soul!

Much Love,


Tomasa Macapinlac, Diplomat of Asian Bodywork Therapy (NCCAOM – 2006) known as The Self-Care Queen — with 19 years of experience as a holistic practitioner and health coach — has been advocating for her clients, friends and family to take care of themselves in a holistic way that fuels them with energy, provides balance and harmony and naturally slows down the aging process.