Activate Your Mastery!

Calling All Highly Sensitive Creative Souls who Desire Fulfilling Work That Brings Them JOY, VITALITY, and ABUNDANCE!

…No Matter where you are on the Spectrum of Discovering your Mastery, you can Allow it to EVOLVE Effortlessly, while changing the way you heal, age and approach life.

Perhaps one of these scenarios feels familiar to you:

♥ You work hard for the money, as a matter of fact, you breathe, think and digest your work all the time, but you don’t have 20 minutes a day to really replenish, restore and rejuvenate yourself (and sleep ain’t cuttin’ it). Only when your body says that it has had enough and comes down with a cold or flu or anything else that makes you get in that horizontal position to rest, do you remember your body gave you plenty of warnings when you awakened fatigue and tired every morning. 

♥ You feel a lot of emotions…Actually, you aren’t sure whose emotions you are feeling, yours, your loved ones, the people around you, or even perhaps the collective consciousness. You are so overwhelmed with emotions of anxiety, fear, worry or sadness, that you can’t accomplish a damn thing. It can feel very debilitating at times, and you spend a lot of time being down for the count, avoid dealing with the world.

♥ You are always fatigued and don’t understand why. You’ve tried everything – to get you back on track such as altering your diet, supplements, and exercise, but it takes all of your physical energy to just do basic living things. You want to find your life’s work, but it’s hard when you don’t have the energy to do it.

Hello! I am Tomasa Macapinlac, and I am passionate about helping others discover their life’s purpose by helping them get out of their own way. I love sharing tools and empowering audiences to break through blockages hindering them in leading balanced lives full of joy and purpose.

With 20 years of experience as a Diplomat of Asian Bodywork Therapy, I have given thousands of sessions to mostly women, but also men, helping them to overcome their health challenges, ranging from mild pain to serious illnesses such as cancer. Some of my clients include the former wife of a retired cabinet member of both Presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton, the wife of a retired MD, a partner of an accounting firm, a marketing sales executive to one of the lead hardware engineers for the Apple iPhone X. Having been initiated as a Shaman, I blend the physical world with each person’s inner guidance as well as my empathic abilities. I understand at the deepest level why my clients get stuck and inspire them to create healthy changes in their lives so that they can have the life that they desire. I have created several visual and audio guided hands-on healing products, including my recently published book, “30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You”.

I wasn’t always a healer though. Before that, I was “living the dream,” putting my electrical engineering degree to work and earning awards (and lots of money) as a hi-tech sales person for big companies such as HP, Motorola, and Windriver (now Intel).

Although I had a successful professional career, my health and personal life both suffered. I had trouble breathing and was given the label “asthma” by Western medical doctors while completing my first year at college. In the early eighties, the doctors gave me a prescription drug called Theo-dur to open up my breathing passages, but the medicine made me tired and made my heart race, which made me concerned about how long my life would last.  

Then, a little bit over a decade later while juggling my career and family (including my two toddler daughters), I felt burned-out, and my immune system was completely shot.  I remember going to the doctor as a last resort and, thank God, this doctor was not into prescribing drugs. But she did prescribe bed rest for three days.  I remember feeling so lucky because I was about to go on a “bedcation” for three days – no cooking, cleaning, calling on customers or even taking the girls to daycare. After three days, I didn’t feel much better. I remember the day when a co-worker, who is a client of mine today, gave me the number of a holistic practitioner who she thought could help me.  After finally carrying the practitioner’s number in my purse for weeks and calling her when I realized that I wasn’t getting any better, I began my path to holistic healing.  I had such outstanding results that I eventually started taking classes, working on friends and family and quit the corporate world to become a healer myself.

Using Chinese Medicine modalities, I was able to heal myself of burn-out, a weakened immune system, asthma, and even a bleeding colon. My healing also came through the Shamanic Medicine Wheel training of Inka tradition that I was doing at the time. The Shamanic work also helped me take my second career as a holistic practitioner to completely new heights than I had ever been able to take it before. I was more prosperous, became a sought-after healer in the Bay Area and it marked the time where I started reaching more people than ever through my information products and live workshops.

So today, I love helping sensitive creative professionals become more conscious of what they truly want to create and help them to establish that life. I do so by showing them how to clear the obstacles that are getting in the way of them creating the lives they truly want, encompassing all areas of their lives, for this is truly wholistic living.


Perhaps you have had your hands read and analyzed or even had your astrology natal chart read to help you figure out your life’s purpose, but you haven’t the faintest idea how to get started. There’s an inner compass that knows what to do, but all you have to do is tap into it, ACTIVATE it, and Align!

Here’s a sampling of what’s in store for you when you attend Activate Your Mastery, with Self-Care for the Soul Workshop:

MASTER the Five Foundational Pillars to physical, emotional, mental and soulful self-care

Unearth five ways in which we unconsciously de-activate our mastery

♥ Experience how you can truly be a vessel for your own healing, where you will actually leave feeling a shift

Discover the number one secret to activating your mastery and keeping it active as it evolves

♥ Engage in sacred Ceremony to help you co-create the life you want

This workshop is for you if….

♥ you want to have a shift in your business or work-life, where you feel like your work fuels you with energy instead of depleting you

♥ you would like to shift how you react to “negative” situations so that you continue to stay on the path of the life that you want to co-create

♥ you would like to have some tools to help put an end to all of the overwhelming emotions that you feel, so you can be a clear channel for your mastery

This workshop is not for you if….

  • you don’t care about having work in your life that is purposeful and fulfilling
  • you want to feel stuck in a rut
  • you can’t carve some time out for yourself and aren’t interested in feeding your soul
  • you just want to work hard for the money and continue to deplete your energy
  • you don’t care about having joy, happiness, and love in your life
  • you feel that hitting the books is the only way to have mastery
  • you don’t mind feeling scattered with all the irons in the fire that you call multiple streams of income
  • you are in complete alignment with your mastery, which means everything comes to you with ease and grace and you love how you feel about your life

Ready to activate your mastery and jumpstart 2018 by enrolling in this full scholarship day workshop?

All you have to do is put down a $47 refundable deposit.

(You will receive your deposit back in full when you attend the workshop.

Hurry though!  Space is LIMITED, and I’m not sure when I’ll be doing this 4 1/2 hour workshop again.

Check mark box Yes, Tomasa, I want to ACTIVATE my MASTERY!  Please accept my $47 deposit as my RSVP for the workshop. I am looking forward to sharing this SACRED SPACE with you.


December 2
San Francisco Bay Area
Conscious Center for Living
140 Mayhew Way
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
December 3
Los Angeles Area
Yoga Remedy’s Essential Wellness
23428 Normandie Ave.
Harbor City, CA 90710
December 9 & 10

Portland, OR

New Renaissance Bookshop
1338 NW 23rd Ave.
Portland, OR  97210
To Register for this Event Please Call New Renaissance Bookshop at 503-224-4929

Please note:  this is a paid workshop


Listen up to what others who have worked with me have to say!

I was able to plan my first successful telesummit –“Women on Purpose” with EASE!

Tomasa held such a loving space for me to heal such a profound personal situation in my life on both the physical and emotional levels that it helped me get back to planning the successful telesummit that I held last fall. After working with Tomasa, not only could I breathe, but my stomach, which was tied up in knots was relieved.  Essentially, I was able to be proactive rather than reactive with LIFE.

Sage Lavine, Life Coach

I am a clearer channel for myself, my business & in my life!

Tomasa has helped me unblock my energy so that I was able prepare for a successful book launch & accomplish my upcoming book, “Girl from the Hood Gone Good.” As a Reiki Practitioner Counselor, my energy is able to flow through me clearer. Now when I counsel, my message is clear enough to touch my client’s hearts.

Ana Maria Sanchez, Spiritual Guidance Counselor & Author

Get ready to ACTIVATE your MASTERY and be that beacon of light that you were meant to be 24/7,  so you have more vitality, love and peace as you step into alignment of what feels correct for your SOUL.

I’m looking forward to our time together!

With Love and Light,