How I Healed From a Bleeding Colon

Twelve years ago, I was diagnosed with dysplasia in the colon which, in my case, meant that my colon was bleeding. It was ­Christmas night of 2005, and I awakened from a nighttime nap to sharp stomach pains.  The first … Continue reading

Sungazing: How the Sun Can Help You Age Gracefully

The sun (or Father Sun as I know it) has gotten a bad rap about aging your skin. From the dark sunglasses to the SPF 50 sunscreen full of toxins, people today will do whatever it takes to protect themselves … Continue reading

Wood Time – Watch Out!

People, this is the Wood time of the year! We might feel the need to be moving fast, wanting to set goals…oh, and blurting out anger or frustration without really feeling what’s going on deep inside. One of the things … Continue reading

Divine Passion

As I start out 2013, I decided to draw one of my Goddess Oracle Cards from my favorite deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD. If you know me well, you would understand the card that I drew…YES, it was Pele! Pele is … Continue reading

From Darkness to LIGHT – Staying Clear even when it seems like it is out of your CONTROL

As life goes on daily, you are bombarded by different energies.  Those energies accumulate over time.  Sometimes, you are not aware when you are hit by an entity.  Yes, I said it an ENTITY.  An entity, is a spirit that … Continue reading

Spring Season Allergies Got YOU?

I recall many years ago, when I first started this work, I suffered from severe allergies- nose running profusely that I would want to stuff tissue in my nostrils just to stop it already, my eyes would itch really bad … Continue reading

Dharma ….not Drama!

Here in the Bay Area, the weather is heating up; it was whopping 90 degrees as I drove down the stretch of the 680 corridor SOUTH bound yesterday.  Anyhow, what I am saying is that it almost feels like SUMMER.  … Continue reading