I Was 10 Years Old and Couldn’t Breathe…

I was 10 years old and couldn’t catch my breath.  I tried to gulp air into my lungs, but I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs.  I was scared.  I wanted to keep up with all the other kids, but no matter how hard I breathed in, only a small amount of air went in.  I felt left out and left behind.  I was sad and lonely.  I was afraid I might die. My mom took me to the doctors, and I was diagnosed with asthma.  At that time, it only came when I had a virus/cold.

Asthma worsened when I spent my first spring in Berkeley, CA as a freshman at UC Berkeley.  I not only had breathing difficulties, but I had allergies that gave me itchy red eyes and made my nose run profusely.  My experience of studying engineering at UC Berkeley probably gave me my first real experience of STRESS. Not only did I feel like a little fish in a BIG pond (which by the way I was used to being the BIG fish in the little pond), stupid and not at the top of my game like a BIG LOSER, but my inability to breath with ease was only a reflection of how I was feeling about myself – SAD, sometimes DEPRESSED and grieving my family.  No one in my family could understand how I felt.  My parents didn’t attend college and my sisters attended college near home in Los Angeles, but me I was alone…having to deal with my allergies and breathing problems on my own plus the lack of academic performance stress on top of it all. I experienced stress in performing, stress in competing against the curved grading system, and stress in surviving my first year at UC Berkeley, but most of all I was stressed about being away from home and feeling all alone.

With the diagnosis of asthma came an inhaler and a prescription drug called Theo-Dur, which made my heart beat so fast that I could feel it pounding out of my chest.  The medicine would keep me up at night wondering how long I had to live and make me really lethargic during the daytime, neither of which helped me with my studies.  It was probably more of a handicap than helpful.

I somehow survived my 5 years at Berkeley with asthma.  After graduation, I continued on having asthma, but my breathing difficulties somehow seemed to “go away” when I moved back to my hometown of LA.  After returning back to the San Francisco Bay Area four years later to the home of Silicon Valley where jobs were abundant for engineers, I immediately began to experience bouts of asthma again.  I wondered yet again how I was going to continue to live on this path.

I started to see a chiropractic who introduced me to some western herbs that started me down the path to healing my asthma naturally.  Those herbs didn’t completely clear it, but they definitely helped.  It wasn’t until I began having other health challenges and started seeing an energy healer who did what I do today that I finally felt like I was making a significant dent in healing my asthma.  In fact, I saw such profound results with my asthma that I began to learn and practice Asian Healing Arts myself.  However, even all that wasn’t enough to keep asthma totally at bay.  I noticed that when I was sad or grieving, it would come back on board, leaving me to make trips to an emergency room because I was without an inhaler.

It wasn’t until I went to a full-blown “healing crisis” while journeying around the Medicine Wheel based on Inka Shamanism that I sealed the deal on healing my lung project for good.  In the middle of one of my journeys, I got to “see” how when I was a healer engulfed in smoke as I was punished for my natural gifts of healing in a past life, was the root cause of this asthma.  I was scared, felt rejected and unloved thus setting forth me to clear every time I felt that way in my present life and especially as a healer this present life.  After doing that, I no longer had any emergency room breathing problems and haven’t had one since.

My decades-long journey to healing myself of asthma had many layers and allies, but in the end, it was my Shamanistic journeying around the Medicine Wheel that resulted in its complete and permanent healing.


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