3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins (AND Be an Earth Keeper for Your Environment)

This post is the fifth part of a six-part series including:

The 5 Components to Anti-Aging

Exercising the ‘Tude

5 Ways to Keep Your Body Young

Food is Medicine So Don’t be Lenient with Convenience 

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins (AND Be An Earthkeeper for Your Environment)

The Missing Link to Anti-Aging

Every day, we are exposed to thousands of chemical toxins in our water, food, homes, and workplaces. They’re all around us in our personal care products, cleaning supplies, cookware, electronics, clothing, and furniture. Although our bodies are equipped to safely handle and detox certain amounts, too much exposure (or exposure in even small amounts to the more serious toxins) places a burden on our bodies that may result in health challenges and disease. Chemical toxicity has been linked to a slew of health issues, including cancer, autoimmune disorders, reproductive problems, breathing issues, developmental disorders, ADHD, and more.

Like us, the Earth itself also has to handle these toxins and faces the same burden of detox and overwhelm. By making changes to reduce our personal exposure to toxins, we are also helping the Earth stay healthy as well.

So how can we reduce our daily exposure? In this series, I’ve already talked about eating more organic, non-GMO, non-processed foods. If you’re doing this, then you’ve already started reducing the amount of toxins you ingest.

In addition, here are 3 more simple ways to reduce your exposure to toxins and be an Earth Keeper:

  1. Switch out your toxic personal care products for more natural ones.

Whatever we put on our skin gets absorbed directly into our bodies, so it’s really important we know what’s in our daily personal care products. Just because they’re sold in a drug store doesn’t necessarily mean they’re safe.

Select products that are free of parabens, phthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfate, which have been linked to endocrine disruptions and/or cancer. For a more comprehensive list of ingredients to avoid in your shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, lipstick and more, check out the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Red List.

To see how your favorite personal care products stack up against these toxins, look them up on EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, a comprehensive list which includes over 80,000 products. See if there’s another product with a healthier rating you could try.

Another route to go is to make your own personal care products using everyday items from your kitchen. For example, I use coconut oil to remove my make-up and avocado oil to moisturize my body. Both do an amazing job for a fraction of the cost of the fancy skincare products I used to buy.

  1. Clean your house with greener products.

Keeping your house sparkling clean may seem healthy, but if you’re using the wrong cleaners, it may actually be adding to your toxin exposure. You definitely want to avoid bleach and ammonia in your cleaning products. Also, added fragrances intended to keep your home and laundry smelling good may contribute to breathing problems. I’ve already shared my story about getting over asthma. My asthma improved a great deal when I stopped using artificially scented products. I remember walking into a friend’s home while she was washing her clothes with a strongly scented detergent, and almost instantly, I had trouble breathing again.

To see how green your favorite cleaning products are, EWG is again a great resource to use. Check out their Guide to Healthy Cleaning. Switch to greener options on the list, or better yet, make your own. You can clean your entire house just as well with simple ingredients such as castile soap, vinegar, baking soda, olive oil, and essential oils.

  1. Watch out for harmful chemicals in your clothing and household decor.

What about the clothes you’re wearing or the couch you’re sitting on? What types of fabrics are they made out of? Many synthetic or chemically-treated natural fabrics can introduce toxins that impact your health, the health of the workers producing them, and the health of the planet. Problematic fabrics include those treated to be stain resistant, wrinkle-free, or flame retardant. These types of fabric often contain formaldehyde or perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). Choose untreated, natural fabrics if you can.

How do you clean your clothes or the comforter on your bed? Do you dry clean them? Dry cleaning is often done with the chemical tetrachloroethylene (or “perc”) which is linked to a long laundry list of health concerns. Short term effects include dizziness and headaches, and long term effects may include greater risk of cancer. It’s best to try to select clothes and household fabrics that don’t need to be dry cleaned. And if you do dry clean items, allow them to air out in an open area, and use a reusable garment bag instead of the plastic disposables ones.

The point of all of this is not to make you fearful of the world around you. After all, fear is an emotional toxin as well! These tips are meant to help you be more mindful and proactive in making healthy lifestyle changes for yourself and the world as a whole. Here’s to rockin’ without toxins and being an Earth Keeper!





How I Healed From a Bleeding Colon

Twelve years ago, I was diagnosed with dysplasia in the colon which, in my case, meant that my colon was bleeding.

It was ­Christmas night of 2005, and I awakened from a nighttime nap to sharp stomach pains.  The first thing that came to mind was that maybe I had eaten something that had given me food poisoning.  What did I eat that would cause this?  My stepdad had made gumbo for Christmas, but no one else in the house that ate it seemed to have the bug that I had.

I rewound my thinking to look at what I had eaten for the course of the last few days.  In the back of my mind, the only thing that seemed to stand out to me was the prime rib I ate at a restaurant in Santa Cruz.  You see, my mom and step-dad always visited us during the winter holidays, and my mom’s birthday is two days before Christmas.  We always took her out to a nice birthday dinner.  Well, this time I ordered the prime rib.  It made me salivate just to look at it on the menu.

I wasn’t quite as sure though once they served it to me.  Even though I had ordered it medium rare, I remember wondering if they had cooked the meat at all, it was so red.  So I sent it back (twice) to be cooked even more.  I still wasn’t satisfied with it even after all that, but ate it anyway because I didn’t want to be a “difficult” customer, especially on my mom’s birthday.  Besides, I was hungry, and everyone else had their dinner entrée except for me.

Well, my stomach never quite recovered.  Sorry to be so graphic, but my colon began to react by putting out burgundy waste.  This had never happened to me before, and I was scared.  It was clear that what was coming out of me wasn’t just the waste from my food.  It looked like blood.  Yep, I had a bleeding colon.  I was able to temporarily stop it from bleeding by taking capsicum, but the minute I stopped taking it, the blood would return.  I dragged myself through the next few days, trying to work on clients and manage my own energy.

I finally went to my doctor for testing, and she confirmed that, yes, there was blood in my stools.  She had me undergo both a colonoscopy and endoscopy and confirmed afterwards that I had angiodysplasia of the colon.  What the heck was angiodysplasia?  I had never heard of it.  Turns out, angiodysplasia is swollen, fragile blood vessels in the colon.  This can result in blood loss from the gastrointestinal (GI) trace.  Mind you, I was in my early ‘40s at the time, and most people don’t typically see this problem until they are over the age of 50.

My Western medicine doctors wanted to cut out part of my colon to solve the problem, and, to me, this just didn’t feel like the right option.  I was adamant that they weren’t cutting out my colon.  I felt this would have been just another “band-aid” solution.

I did a lot of research on this disease, and with all of my wisdom and knowledge from being a holistic practitioner, I knew that this issue that I had with my colon was deeper than what met the surface.  You see several years before this occurred, I had stopped speaking to a close family member.  I was upset and deeply hurt by the things that I heard she had said about me behind my back.  I would arrive at family gatherings and feel very uncomfortable because this family member was also present.  I knew that my emotional upset over this situation was related to my physical symptoms.

I eventually got my colon to stop bleeding with supplements, nutritional changes, and energy healing…but I wasn’t done with healing my issue with my family member.  I wanted to be “right” more than I wanted to be compassionate and understanding.  It wasn’t until I did some work around the Medicine Wheel of the Shamanic Inka tradition that I finally healed my relationship with this family member.  I knew that if I didn’t heal this piece of my life, my colon issues would eventually reoccur.

When I went around the Medicine Wheel, I not only found peace within myself, but I began to find peace with others.  I no longer had to be “right” all the time.  When I saw how I played out my own core wounds in life, it helped to understand how we all do the same.  I learned to have more compassion for others, including the family member whom I had been angry with for so many years.  It is only then that I began to have a more stable sense of inner tranquility, independent of how others were interacting with me.

My colon is now completely healed.  I do my best to live a conscious life and not react as much to what others say or do so that I don’t put disease in my body.  As the Self-Care Queen, I do my best to be proactive with all of my relationships, practicing compassion and forgiveness.  And when I don’t do so, I often notice that a mild cold or virus sets in, giving me a hint that some internal work needs to be done and time to correct it.

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Food is Medicine So Don’t be Lenient with Convenience

This post is the fourth part of a six-part series including:

The 5 Components to Anti-Aging

Exercising the ‘Tude

5 Ways to Keep Your Body Young

Food is Medicine So Don’t be Lenient with Convenience 

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins (AND Be An Earthkeeper for Your Environment)

The Missing Link to Anti-Aging

Food is medicine. What you put into your body becomes you, based on both the nutrients and the energy of the preparation. I don’t believe that there is one diet that serves everyone equally, but I do believe that whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or an omnivore, you need to eat healthy, sustainable sources of food.You wouldn’t go to a gas station and fill up your unleaded car with diesel fuel, right? You know that if you did that, you would ruin your car, and it wouldn’t run anymore. So why would you fuel your body with processed, unhealthy foods? Processed, additive-heavy foods aren’t what our bodies were intended to “run” on long-term, and they won’t last too long if that’s primarily what we eat.

Try to eat organic, non-GMO, non-processed whole foods as much as possible. If you aren’t able to purchase all organic fruits and vegetables, prioritize the high-pesticide-residue ones listed on the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” List. In addition to considering the vitamins in your food, it’s also a good idea to eat mineral heavy foods too, such as sea salt, seaweed, and green leafy vegetables. As for drinks, limit the amount of alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks (including fruit juices) you drink. Sometimes making changes in what we eat can seem too overwhelming. If that’s the case, just pick one or two changes to start with and add more once your initial changes are well established.

One area of eating that’s vital to staying young, but which can be confusing to most people, is how to get the proper ratio of essential fatty acids in your diet. We need proper ratios of Omega-3, -6, and -9, but how do we get them? Which oils are best to use when cooking, and how much should you eat per day? Because this issue is so important but baffling, I’ve dedicated an entire chapter on this topic alone in my new book, 30 Days to a Healthier, Vibrant, Younger You.

Eliminating foods that may be adding inflammation to your system may also help you reign in health problems. My clients often find that their mood and health challenges (including allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD and eczema) dramatically improve once they reduce or eliminate, dairy, sugar, food additives, and/or red meats from their daily diet. I recently healed myself a sudden break-out of eczema by re-examining what I was eating and eliminating red meat.

Stress can definitely impact what and how you eat, so keeping a handle on your stress levels will also help you eat better. Stress raises hormone levels (particularly cortisol) that often make us crave sugary, fatty foods. If this sounds like you, there’s a special section on overcoming sweet cravings in my book, 30 Days to a Healthier, Vibrant, Younger You, that you won’t want to miss!

Stress also means we have less time to prepare foods properly and might be tempted to go for more convenient, less healthy foods, including fast-food, take-out, or microwaved foods. Sometimes we simply eat more when stressed to avoid dealing with the anger, sadness, boredom, or other emotions that are stressing us out in the first place.  

Many of us only think about what we eat and not how we prepare it or how we eat it. How you mentally prepare your food (or it is prepared for you) is essential though. Ingesting a meal when stressed out or when you’re angry at someone means that you’re “ingesting” those negative emotions as well, so always prepare and eat your food with lots of joy and love.

For more detailed info on how to start making easy healthy changes to your diet today, check out my book, 30 Days to a Healthier, Vibrant, Younger You.

Here’s to eating clean and keeping our bodies running strong! Bon appetite!

I Was 10 Years Old and Couldn’t Breathe…

I was 10 years old and couldn’t catch my breath.  I tried to gulp air into my lungs, but I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs.  I was scared.  I wanted to keep up with all the other kids, but no matter how hard I breathed in, only a small amount of air went in.  I felt left out and left behind.  I was sad and lonely.  I was afraid I might die. My mom took me to the doctors, and I was diagnosed with asthma.  At that time, it only came when I had a virus/cold.

Asthma worsened when I spent my first spring in Berkeley, CA as a freshman at UC Berkeley.  I not only had breathing difficulties, but I had allergies that gave me itchy red eyes and made my nose run profusely.  My experience of studying engineering at UC Berkeley probably gave me my first real experience of STRESS. Not only did I feel like a little fish in a BIG pond (which by the way I was used to being the BIG fish in the little pond), stupid and not at the top of my game like a BIG LOSER, but my inability to breath with ease was only a reflection of how I was feeling about myself – SAD, sometimes DEPRESSED and grieving my family.  No one in my family could understand how I felt.  My parents didn’t attend college and my sisters attended college near home in Los Angeles, but me I was alone…having to deal with my allergies and breathing problems on my own plus the lack of academic performance stress on top of it all. I experienced stress in performing, stress in competing against the curved grading system, and stress in surviving my first year at UC Berkeley, but most of all I was stressed about being away from home and feeling all alone.

With the diagnosis of asthma came an inhaler and a prescription drug called Theo-Dur, which made my heart beat so fast that I could feel it pounding out of my chest.  The medicine would keep me up at night wondering how long I had to live and make me really lethargic during the daytime, neither of which helped me with my studies.  It was probably more of a handicap than helpful.

I somehow survived my 5 years at Berkeley with asthma.  After graduation, I continued on having asthma, but my breathing difficulties somehow seemed to “go away” when I moved back to my hometown of LA.  After returning back to the San Francisco Bay Area four years later to the home of Silicon Valley where jobs were abundant for engineers, I immediately began to experience bouts of asthma again.  I wondered yet again how I was going to continue to live on this path.

I started to see a chiropractic who introduced me to some western herbs that started me down the path to healing my asthma naturally.  Those herbs didn’t completely clear it, but they definitely helped.  It wasn’t until I began having other health challenges and started seeing an energy healer who did what I do today that I finally felt like I was making a significant dent in healing my asthma.  In fact, I saw such profound results with my asthma that I began to learn and practice Asian Healing Arts myself.  However, even all that wasn’t enough to keep asthma totally at bay.  I noticed that when I was sad or grieving, it would come back on board, leaving me to make trips to an emergency room because I was without an inhaler.

It wasn’t until I went to a full-blown “healing crisis” while journeying around the Medicine Wheel based on Inka Shamanism that I sealed the deal on healing my lung project for good.  In the middle of one of my journeys, I got to “see” how when I was a healer engulfed in smoke as I was punished for my natural gifts of healing in a past life, was the root cause of this asthma.  I was scared, felt rejected and unloved thus setting forth me to clear every time I felt that way in my present life and especially as a healer this present life.  After doing that, I no longer had any emergency room breathing problems and haven’t had one since.

My decades-long journey to healing myself of asthma had many layers and allies, but in the end, it was my Shamanistic journeying around the Medicine Wheel that resulted in its complete and permanent healing.


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Survey Says…Stress Ages You! (That’s what my own personal marketing data research points to)

Surprise, surprise!  When I asked my clients and friends what they feel ages them, the majority of the 175 folks that replied said it was stress.  Yikes!  That’s a pretty unified answer.  But what exactly is stress?  What does it include?

According to the dictionary, stress is physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension.  I see, feel, and hear stress all the time in my hands-on Asian bodywork and healing arts practice of 20 years.  In fact, my own journey to be free of stress while working in the corporate world is the reason I came to become a healer 20 years ago.  Stress often shows up as aches and pains in the bodies of my clients.  Extreme tension in the area between the shoulder blades and the spine seems to be the #1 place where most of my clients feel tension.  The left side represents more of an emotional component of stress, whereas the right side tells me that the person is just doing too much.

Over two decades ago, I myself experienced stress so badly that it nearly knocked me out.  I was a mom of two toddler-aged daughters, a wife, and an employee during the tech boom days in Silicon Valley.  I had an engineering degree that I put to use, along with my people skills, working in sales engineering.  Anyone who has done any kind of sales knows that meeting the demands of customers can be very stressful.  Sales might be extremely rewarding financially, but it also can put a strain on one’s health.  What is it that they say?  You sacrifice your health to bring in the wealth, then you spend all of your wealth trying to get back your health.  Well, I was clearly on the road to living out that journey in my early 30s when I hit a wall with my energy.  I was not only sick with a cold that I couldn’t shake, but I was flat out exhausted.  I felt old and wondered how I was going to get my energy back so I could take care of my girls. Finally, a co-worker (who is now a client of mine) referred me to a practitioner who did what I do today for my clients.  I remember the first time that I received this work, I felt like I was getting my life back.  I had already been eating pretty well with organic groceries, but I improved my lifestyle even more by receiving energy healing.  It was this that gave me the energy to go back to yoga and dance classes.

Before I started receiving energy work, I went for deep tissue massage to help me alleviate physical tension resulting from trying to hold it all together as a working mom, balancing family life and work.  Massage just didn’t do the trick though.  It felt great while I was receiving it, but the relaxation only lasted as long as the session lasted.  When I discovered energy healing, I noticed that the benefits began to hold in my body for at least a week.  When I learned how to work on myself at home in between sessions, the practitioner’s work held even longer.

Looking back on pictures of myself taken in my early 30s, I realized that I was not only heavier, but I looked older than what I actually was in those days.  Today it is a blessing that I am able to have the energy, vitality, and stamina that I had in my 20s at almost 54-years-old.  Many say that I look like I’m in my 30s, but I’ll tell you why I am even more grateful for coming across this work…it set my health in the right direction.  That’s priceless.

Here is a list of things that energy healing did for me:

  • The burning I felt between my shoulder blades and spine went away.
  • My breathing project, which many doctors labeled as asthma, also improved to the point of being virtually gone.
  • While I was still working in the corporate world, lab results indicated that my cholesterol levels were high. Once I started doing this work, my cholesterol dropped to healthy levels, and I never had to go on medication.
  • My immune system improved tenfold, and I rarely got sick!
  • When my daughters were young (and I used energy healing on them), they rarely got sick, and we pretty much only made well-care visits to their pediatrician’s office. Their pediatrician questioned me about how I was able to keep them healthy because we no longer needed sick appointments for most of their school-age years, when most kids’ immune systems are compromised.
  • Less trips to the doctor’s office meant less money out of our pockets for healthcare.
  • The burning soles of my feet went away. My energy not only increased, but my stamina improved as well, giving me the fuel I needed to exercise with dance and yoga.  Today, I hike almost daily as an accumulated result of receiving and doing this work on myself.
  • My eyesight improved slightly (I had been wearing glasses since I was 8-years-old). Only recently in the last few years have I needed reading glasses when wearing my contact lenses.  Most people require readers in their 40s.  This is something that I am still working on improving with the integration of other ancient healing traditions such as sun gazing.
  • My female hormonal system improved tremendously, and I no longer lost most of the month “getting ready” for my next menstrual cycle. Even today, being menopausal at almost 54-years-old, I don’t experience the hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia that most women my age experience.  I enjoy a harmonious set of hormones all month long.

These are only some of the ways in which energy healing has helped me and my family.  Even though stress was my catalyst, I am forever grateful that it led me down this path to health and harmony.

The Missing Link to Vibrant Health

This post is the final part of a six-part series including:

The 5 Components to Anti-Aging

Exercising the ‘Tude

5 Ways to Keep Your Body Young

Food is Medicine So Don’t be Lenient with Convenience 

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins (AND Be  An Earthkeeper for Your Environment)

The Missing Link to Anti-Aging

Some people get acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, or other modalities done on themselves once or twice a week. These are great treatments when you have a long withstanding problem that needs to be handled, but how do you maintain your body daily by yourself? Most people immediately think of exercise and nutrition, and yes, those things are important, but there’s another missing link to vibrant health…hands-on energy healing.

With hands-on approaches, you have tools right at your fingertips to help you on a daily basis. Every day when we awake, we step into a vortex of the world’s energies which impact how we feel. Many of us are empathic and feel energies strongly even if we don’t know what we are feeling, so we wonder what is wrong with us. The cleaner we keep our energy, the less likely we are to take on someone else’s energies.

Believe me, I am speaking from direct experience. In 1996, I was experiencing extreme fatigue and a compromised immune system and started exploring the Asian Healing Arts to help myself. I decided to delve deeper into how this type of healing worked, and it quickly became a part of my daily regimen. Eventually, in 2011, my Vibrant Energy Flow System™ was born! The Vibrant Energy Flow System™ is a blend of the most potent material from acupressure, a Japanese healing art called Jin Shin Jyutsu, and the Chakra Balancing System. It includes quick, daily Self-Care Rituals to help keep you balanced and solve health challenges in ways that might leave your physicians puzzled.

To put it simply, we human beings have electromagnetic fields, just like our electronic devices. We are quite sensitive when our energy fields start leaking or experiencing tears, which can happen when we experience an argument or conflict. Sometimes others feel our energy, like it, and unknowingly “take” it from us, which can leave us feeling tired when we’re around certain individuals. Everyday illnesses such as a cold or flu or serious life threatening ones can also cause our inner circuitry to go haywire. Many walk around feeling depleted all the time because of these things. Some go get help from an energy healer like myself, but you can help rewire your inner energetic circuitry directly with my Vibrant Energy Flow System™. When we rewire our inner circuitry, we can relax, recharge, and restore our energy, resulting in us feeling vibrant and looking youthful.

The Vibrant Energy Flow System™ is an integration of healing modalities that have been around for more than 5000 years, long before Western medicine was even born. Christiane Northrup, an integrative MD, states in the forward of Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine for Women, – “Your hands hold powerful medicine – ‘energy medicine’ – that…is able to prevent or help overcome challenging illnesses.” You can get started creating a healthier you today by reading a free sample of my book, 30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You, at http://bit.ly/SelfCareQueen.

5 Ways to Keep Your Body Young

This post is the third part of a six-part series including:

The 5 Components to Anti-Aging

Exercising the ‘Tude

5 Ways to Keep Your Body Young

Food is Medicine So Don’t be Lenient with Convenience 

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins (AND Be  An Earthkeeper for Your Environment)

The Missing Link to Anti-Aging


You Need:

1. Stay Heart-Healthy


Aerobic Exercise (Cardio)





2. Avoid Joint Replacements (Osteoarthritis)


Aerobic Exercise




Strength Training


»Yoga & Tai Chi (increases coordination and balance)



*If you have arthritis flare-ups, focus on low-impact exercise like yoga and tai chi.

3. Maintain Bone Density


Weight-Bearing Exercise

»Work against gravity!

»Weight training


»Climbing stairs



4. Keep Muscles Toned


Strength-Training Exercise

»Start off slowly and gently; sudden exercise after inactivity can cause scarring and inflammation of the muscles

5. Maintain Balance


Balancing Exercise

»As we age, we can begin to have issues with balancing correctly, so it’s important to perform activities that keep us practicing maintaining our balance. Use a chair, if necessary.

»Yoga & Tai Chi

Exercising the ‘Tude

This post is the second part of a six-part series including:

The 5 Components to Anti-Aging

Exercising the ‘Tude

5 Ways to Keep Your Body Young

Food is Medicine So Don’t be Lenient with Convenience 

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins (AND Be  An Earthkeeper for Your Environment)

The Missing Link to Anti-Aging


How you see things in life is how you will experience it.  Let’s be clear…this is not about taking reality and sweeping it under the rug when you encounter stress or setbacks.  It’s all about how you deal with those stressors.  Being a multi-dimensional healer, I have learned that there is a fine balance between how you want to experience life and reality.  Many times, we are tested to see if we can hold the vibration needed to manifest what we want in life.

If you want to look, feel, and stay young, then you have to feel it in your spirit and your attitude first.  That is the key to tapping into your own fountain of youth.

Recently, I was talking with one of my senior clients about the attitude of anti-aging, and the word “joy” came up a lot.  We concluded that joy is the key to staying young.  Do you have joy in your life, or are you always looking for the bad stuff to happen?  Or, as one of my fellow healer friends put it, are you “vibing” with all the stuff that you don’t want in your life, or are you “vibing” with what you want?

YOU have the capacity to choose your joy or pain and suffering.  Here’s a challenge for you…how do you take a not-so-joyful situation and turn it around to find your joy in it?

Just to be clear again, it’s not about denying your feelings, nor your hurt, nor your pain. It’s about looking at how you can learn from the situation.  I’m not about judging things as negative or positive; situations are what they are.  When we get stuck saying that they are one or the other, then we tend to feel jaded.  The key is feeling what you feel–I’m all about getting the yucky feelings out–and once you’re done, look at how you can find the lesson in the situation.

So, I’m going to share a situation that I was dealt over a year ago.  I allowed a friend to stay at my home during Thanksgiving week while I went away to spend time with my family in Southern California.  While I was gone, my friend somehow flooded a good part of my house and damaged the hardwood floors.  Granted, I am not the owner of the house, so we had to inform the homeowner.  Lo and behold, the homeowner decided that he wanted to sell the house without fixing the floors while I was still living there.  Now, housing in the SF Bay Area is outrageously expensive, more than I was willing to pay to live by myself.  Thankfully, a friend invited me to stay with her, though I was initially upset about losing my home rental.  However, I saw many good things about the situation, too–the house had a beautiful panoramic view of the Bay Area, and it was in a more central location than my previous home.  Also, I no longer had to come home to an empty house on Friday nights, yet I had time to myself when I needed it.  As for the friend who flooded my home…I let her go after she didn’t see anything wrong with what had happened.  When I needed a place to stay, she wasn’t there for me.

So from that situation, I learned discernment.  It’s MY responsibility, ultimately, to make sure that I only allow people into my space who will treat me the same way that I treat them.  The joy I found in all this is learning to listen to my inner guidance.  And here’s more joy in my life–I live right down the street from this beautiful forest where I now hike every morning, meditate, and sungaze.  These three things help me to tap into my fountain of youth!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below how you have applied this exercise to a situation in your life.  When we start practicing having joy in our lives, it becomes a habit.

If you would like some more help with your anti-aging journey, check out my

30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You!

The 5 Components of Anti-Aging

This post is the first part of a six-part series including:

The 5 Components to Anti-Aging

Exercising the ‘Tude

5 Ways to Keep Your Body Young

Food is Medicine So Don’t be Lenient with Convenience 

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins (AND Be  An Earthkeeper for Your Environment)

The Missing Link to Anti-Aging


1. A Fun Attitude

Everything begins with your mind, your thoughts, and your attitude.  If you have a great, “can-do” attitude about your age, then your experience will reflect that.  But if you complain constantly about your aches, pains, and shortcomings, then you will continue to experience that in your life.

I have an 80-year-old client who climbs roofs to maintain her rental properties. Instead of hiring a gardener, she does her gardening and landscaping herself, sometimes with the help of her son.  What do you think her thoughts are like?

She thinks, “I CAN climb this roof.”  “I CAN do my landscaping and gardening by myself.”  She does not worry about not being able to do these things because she is “too old”; she just does them!

2. Exercise/Movement

Movement is imperative for you to be functional in your human body.  It tones your muscles and keeps your joints lubricated as synovial fluid pumps into your tendons and ligaments.  Without movement, our bodies become stiff and stagnant as we age, thus making it harder to move.  A more active, non-sedentary lifestyle slows down your aging process. 

I always recommend to clients that they exercise in ways that bring them joy.  For me, it is dancing, whether it’s hip-hop or jazz, that not only keeps me flexible and agile but also feeds my inner child who loves to dance.  Dancing also gives me the cardiovascular workout I need to keep my heart pumping for a long time.  Remember the 80-year-old client I talked about?  She builds exercise into her daily life through acts of service for her tenants.  She gets satisfaction out of keeping her rental properties’ yards beautiful and clean while exercising different muscle groups at the same time.

3. Great Nutrition

Of course, you can’t forget about nutrition.  First of all, I can’t stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated.  Our bodies are 50-75% made of water, so we need to continue drinking water to replenish what is lost through tears, sweat, and other elimination processes.  Secondly, what you put into your body shows up on the outside as well.  Now, some people might say, “But I can eat junk food, and I’m OK!” That’s true; I have seen some people that seem fine on the surface despite poor eating habits.  To those people, I would just say, in the long run, you want to treat your body well to prevent disease.  It is much easier to take measures to prevent disease rather than trying to reverse it; for example, I’ve seen people struggling to reverse the onset of Type 2 Diabetes.  When diseases such as these show up in your body, you age faster.

As a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I just want to share with you the effect that sugar has on your body.  It not only makes your body acidic, thus breeding disease, but also is one of the top reasons why some people experience wrinkles early in life.  Yes, I’ve seen people in their thirties with wrinkles.  So remember, what you put into your body will affect its aging process from the inside out.  Thus, what I want to share with you is this: listen to your body!  Your body is wise; it knows what it needs and doesn’t need.  If your body is breaking out in a rash, or you’re experiencing a lot of bloating or flatulence, it’s trying to tell you that you’re exposing it to something it can’t handle!  Many people have a diet that is high in carbohydrates, but it’s usually empty carbs. So, for example, that pasta made from white flour is full of empty carbohydrates, meaning that there is little to no nutritional value in it.  Personally, my body can’t handle gluten.  Gluten can be the cause of many autoimmune diseases we see today (asthma, MS, fibromyalgia, eczema, psoriasis, etc.) as well as many mental/behavioral disorders such as ADD, ADHD, autism, etc.  Research is also showing that the gliadin in gluten may be the cause of some joint disorders.  A friend of mine in his fifties recently told me that he decided to eliminate gluten from his diet after he saw how it has benefited me.  He found that he had more energy and was able to get rid of a lot of belly flab!

Eliminating these things–such as sugar, empty carbs, or even gluten–is what we call clean eating.  Together with exercise and protein intake, it will help you build lean muscle.

4. Non-Toxic Personal Care & Cleaning Products

The beauty market is deluged with products that are harmful to your body.  Remember, when you put toxins into your body, you are directly affecting its longevity.  You have to read the labels on your products. If you need some help figuring out what toxins to watch out for in your products, read my friend’s list, “12 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare” over at Danu Skincare.

Most cleaning products on the market, too, expose your body to many toxins.  If you’re unsure if your cleaning products are harmful or not, you’d be better off making your own by using some simple ingredients such as Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap, olive oil, water, essential oils, and baking soda.  In the past, I’ve experienced wheezing, congestion, and dizziness from cleaning, and it was all because of the products I was using.  When I switched to making my own cleaning solutions, I stopped experiencing all of those symptoms.  Remember, your home is the environment that you live in and return to after a day of exposing yourself to unavoidable toxins outside such as air pollution, and you want to keep it as chemical-free as possible.  We’ve already linked the use of aluminum in many products to Alzheimer’s disease, and we still don’t know the effects of many other toxins.  Instead of taking that risk, do your body and mind a favor and use non-toxic beauty and cleaning products.

5. Energy Healing

So, at this point, you’ve probably heard of most of these components of anti-aging, and they probably make sense to you.  However, I’d like to introduce the missing link: energy healing.  So much of what we ingest in our lives is taken into the energy field.  In return, it shows up in our body or on our faces. Coming soon to Self Care Queendom is a body map of how the “stuff” you ingest, including your emotions, shows up in your body.  What energy healing can do is prevent such stuff from showing up in your body.

For example, the same 80-year-old client who climbs up on roofs and maintains huge yards comes to me so that I can tune her up.  Her body might handle a lot from all of her physical activities, but at the end of the day, when I ask her what’s eating at her, I find that her aches usually correspond to some emotion that is not in harmony, like anger.  Now, being the multi-dimensional healer I am, I would take it a step further, because anger and frustration represent the surface of a much more vulnerable feeling.

However, it is my job to ease the anger and frustration in her body so her joints don’t become rigid and so I can allow her to do the yard work she loves. Stay tuned for an upcoming article, The Missing Link to Anti-Aging.  Energy healing is often overlooked and considered too “woo woo,” but when we show you your bio-energy fields and studies that have been done on healing people at a different level, your jaw will drop when you find out what a difference it can make.

Do you want to get right to helping yourself stay youthful from the inside out even when you think you’re past your prime?  Check out:

30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You

And start shining from the inside out!

Sungazing: How the Sun Can Help You Age Gracefully

The sun (or Father Sun as I know it) has gotten a bad rap about aging your skin. From the dark sunglasses to the SPF 50 sunscreen full of toxins, people today will do whatever it takes to protect themselves from the sun. But what if I told you that the sun can actually help you fight signs of aging?


Sungazing is an ancient practice that involves staring directly at the sun. When I first heard about sungazing from my good friend, I was intrigued. I’m sure you’ve heard most of your life not to stare at the sun or you might go blind. Here my friend was, telling me that sungazing could actually benefit my health. I did my research and found out that, among other things, sungazing can actually help your eyesight, and it also regulates your sleep cycle. Now, I’ve been a glasses-wearer since I was in third grade, so the possibility of improving my eyesight naturally and improving my sleep as well was enough to get me started. Here are some of the other benefits of sungazing:

1. It stimulates the pineal gland. The pineal gland produces melatonin which in turn helps you to produce feel-good hormones and sleep better.

2. It gives you energy. Those feel-good hormones will energize you, helping you feel ready to embrace the day.

3. It gives you Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium and phosphorous, maintain healthy bones and teeth, and may protect you against diseases such as cancer, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

4. It promotes weight loss. Also called “eating the sun,” sungazing may decrease your appetite, meaning you don’t have to eat as much.

5. It increases the size of the pineal gland. As you age, your pineal gland shrinks. Studies have shown that sungazing can increase the size of your pineal gland. That’s anti-aging in action!

Yes, I’m telling you that you can stare directly at the sun. Now, before you go out right now and do it, remember that sungazing is an art, and it needs to be done correctly. You really can go temporarily blind like Galileo if you don’t do it with caution. Here are some sungazing guidelines:

1. You must be grounded. Sungazing should be done with bare feet. You must be connected with the earth, be it on dry sand, dirt, moist earth (not mud) or gravel. Avoid sungazing on artificial surfaces.

2. Take off your glasses or contacts. Sungazing should be done with the naked eyes. If you wear glasses or contacts, the effects could be limited or you could damage your eyes.

3. Do it at the right time. Only sungaze when the sun is low on the horizon, when its rays are not as intense. Basically, sunrise or sunset. If the rays seem too bright for you, don’t push it. It may not be right for you, especially if you are of fair complexion and light eyes.

4. Begin slowly. Start off gazing at the sun for 10 seconds. Relax. There should be no tension on your face or in your body. Treat it as if you are meditating. Blink when it feels natural.

5. Feel the energy. As you are sungazing, feel the sun’s life force energy pulsing through you. Let every cell in your body recharge to its full potential.

6. Increase the time. As you get more comfortable with sungazing, you may increase the time to ten more seconds per day. Keep increasing the time as you get more comfortable with the duration of your sungazing. Make sure you are only increasing the time in subtle increments, as it takes time for your eyes to adapt to the intense light.

Now that you know the benefits of sungazing and how to do it correctly, think about whether you want to begin this path. Keep in mind that sungazing requires a lot of discipline. You have to be able to deal with the specific schedule of sungazing (only sunrise or sunset!), and you can’t rush it. I have to stress that you must be disciplined in order to reap the benefits of sungazing. If you do it at the wrong time or become impatient in increasing your time sungazing, you could possibly damage your eyes. Do this at your own discretion.

If you decide that you want to start sungazing, great! I know that I can already feel the effects of it, and I’m excited to share it with you.

If you’re still unsure, though, try my no-risk alternative:

30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You

Included in this is the Centering Flow, which actively stimulates the pineal gland, just as sungazing does. There is also a flow called the Energizing Flow which I like to compare to giving you sunshine.

How Does Chinese Medicine Help You Avoid Colds and Flu?

yinYangI love ancient healing modalities and the results that my friends & family, clients and I get from receiving this kind of healing.

Yet, I have been a practitioner of almost 18 years of this work, one thing that I have noticed that much of it is still not mainstream. I scratch my head as I know the power of this work, for I live, breath and share it everyday in my life.

Recently, I checked out a colleague’s page to see what he is sharing. He’s very prolific in what he is sharing on his page and the products that he has created. He’s on his game and he knows Chinese Medicine like the back of his hand. I saw on one of his recent postings something about Wei Chi.   My question to you is “do you even know what Wei Chi is?” I mean, I do, because I have been trained in Chinese Medicine.

I mean –  “Do the words like make you wonder what the heck is he talking about?” Now this serious jargon that makes you want to run for the hills if you are not trained in that language. I mean learning Chinese Medicine is almost like learning another language. I won’t even go into the half of it.

However, I want to educate you that we all have Wei Chi – It is the protective layer of energy that surrounds our physical body that helps us fight off immune system attacks that may look like colds, flu, headaches, chills, fever, etc. It’s like your guard or gatekeeper to your immune system.

For some of us, it is stronger than others. The key is to keep it strong. The key question is: “how do you build it to be strong ?”

I’m going to give you some ideas here since you have heard of many of these things –

  • Chi Gung
  • Tai Chi
  • Tui Na
  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Reiki
  • Shiatsu

Again, it sounds like I’m speaking a foreign language again if your primary language is English.

I want to stay authentic in the expression of the work, but yet I want you to embrace the work, for it is very powerful and can help you on so many levels. For the sake of simplicity – I am going to call it Energy Medicine….yet this general term encompasses so much more.

Well I want you to know this work can help heal you, help you be vibrant, healthier and even reverse the aging process.

Catch me on my google hangout tonight ( September 25th @ 6 PM PT) – A NEW MOON GATHERING TO A VIBRANT, HEALTHIER, YOUNGER YOU just click on the link at 6 PM PT/ 8 PM CT/ 9 PM ET/ 4 AM BT


Extraordinary Benefits to Oil Pulling & WHY You Want to Start Right Now

Many who follow me on social media see me post about my daily oil pulling morning ritual.

Many of my holistic friends know exactly what I’m talking about, and some don’t. I remember when I first learned about it from a video of a woman demonstrating oil pulling.

One day my tooth was hurting, and I dreaded going to the dentist and hearing about needing a cavity filled. So instead, I decided to start oil pulling. Over a year ago, I started oil pulling probably right when I decided to give probiotics a break. Truthfully, I’ve been just as healthy as I was when I ingested a probiotic capsule daily on an empty stomach.

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How Do You Help Mildew Spores Begone?

You may be wondering what mildew spores have to do with self-care.

Well, let me tell you that they have a lot to do with self-care—even more than the awful smell mildew creates. But sometimes you can’t smell mildew because it can become that black mold that is deadly for your health.

I want to share a story with you because I’m sure this has happened to most of us when we do the laundry.

Have you ever forgotten about a load of clothes that you washed, only to come back to them a day later (after a hot summer day) and realize that you forgot about them? And the smell alone—you know for sure when you open up the washing machine and smell the mildew that has started to settle into the fibers of your clothes, you’ve done it.

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Decisions, decisions…how do you make them?

By my guest blogger and holistic colleague, Jill Cohn, DCJill Cohn

Today I’d like to give you a helpful self-care tool, one that you can use every day, all day long, wherever you need to. I want to teach you to use MRT or Muscle Response Testing to make the best choices—the perfect choices for you—in your day to day life.

Tomasa asked me to share something valuable in the holistic self-care realm and I couldn’t imagine anything approaching the value of MRT. You know how it is when you’re required in your daily life to come up with an immediate yes or no response and your consciousness just doesn’t answer the call? You need to have an opinion based on consciousness and it isn’t there? Guess what: it IS there, but you may not know how to access the answer! Your body always has a perfect, visceral response—positive or negative—to every question, circumstance or person. Yes, that statement is true.

Back in the 1950s, a chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart discovered that we, as humans, grow weak in the face of what we perceive as a lie or a threat! We are walking lie detectors! Yes, we do “vibe it out” and our response is absolutely accurate and completely valid. Would you like to learn how to become reliable in ‘hearing” your body’s response and in reacting appropriately? Let me give you a lesson.

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The Five Elements of Self Care

The five elements of self care for your day-to-day

1. Follow Your Passion

2. Take Care of Your Physical Body on a Regular Basis

3. Study and Listen to What Inspires you

4. Contemplate Daily

5. Be the Warrior Goddess who will stand for what she believes

Happy Pachamama Day! It’s Like a Mother’s Day for Mama Earth!

earthHappy Earth Day!

Today is the day that we honor Pachamama with all she does to nourish us and hold us. She brings an abundance of nutrients through the plant spirits to help sustain us and keep us healthy. She bounds Mama Cocha (the ocean and other water passages like rivers, streams and ponds, lakes, etc.) to keep us from drowning. She houses us on this beautiful luscious land.

How do we give back to her? It’s like a Mother’s Day for Pachamama today as we celebrate Earth Day! We can give back to Pachamama by taking care of ourselves. When we take care of ourselves environmentally, we mirror back to Pachamama the gratefulness of luscious life.

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Wood Time – Watch Out!

communicating with lovePeople, this is the Wood time of the year!

We might feel the need to be moving fast, wanting to set goals…oh, and blurting out anger or frustration without really feeling what’s going on deep inside. One of the things I want to share through my experience of sixteen years of doing Asian Bodywork and studying and practicing Chinese Medicine, is that underneath anger is always a more tender, vulnerable feeling. What I know from practicing Chinese Medicine is that the wood element is responsible for the smooth flow of emotions and chi. Anger is the attitude or feeling of imbalance for the Wood element. When someone gets angry with you or if you get angry with someone or a situation, check in with yourself and see what the deeper feeling is. 

I did this just the other day with a friend who had a plane ticket to visit.

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Divine Passion

As I start out 2013, I decided to draw one of my Goddess Oracle Cards from my favorite deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD. If you know me well, you would understand the card that I drew…YES, it was Pele! Pele is the archetype that I own in so many ways. She is about Divine Passion. On the card itself it states just that, and its caption is “Be honest with yourself: What is your heart’s true desire?”


As I embark on 2013, I am changing the ways I apply me to my business, in so many ways. I am choosing to apply my energy work in a different light. You see, almost three years ago, I got to visualize what my queendom would look like. It was a world where everyone lived in harmony and balance. 

Well, recently, I am looking at what self-care means on a deeper level.

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The ultimate self-care is doing work that you are passionate about and not being a slave to a JOB that just pays the bills

As we end 2012, I have succumbed to a deeper story that I didn’t realize existed until I looked profoundly at the story of why I am the Self-Care Queen.

Earlier this month, I attended an event, Your Ecstatic Wealth with Christina Morassi and I participated in an exercise to look at my story. I know my story(ies) like the back of my hand…or so I thought.

Well, the truth is that an even deeper story came from me. You see, in my twenties I was the Berkeley electrical engineer graduate who was very disappointed in her career choice and didn’t enjoy engineering at all. The good news was that it paid the bills well, but the drawback was that I didn’t like, no less, love it. I was like a robot going to work to get a paycheck so I could pay the bills, be generous with others and save some for a rainy day. I moved onto, or shall I say, up to Technical Sales, which afforded me more luxury in my life, but the truth was that I was still a slave to a job that I didn’t find passionate enough to really excite me! I needed to make a difference in the world that meant more than selling semiconductors or engineering hardware development tools. I had health projects that spoke to me, and I tried every natural thing that I knew at the time from herbs, to massage, to nutrition, to essential oils.  

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A preventative tip to help you through this Autumn season

Autumn is about letting go, just as the leaves let go of the branches of the trees as they prepare for the bareness of winter.

In Chinese medicine, the metal element is associated with Autumn. There’s no mistake that the two organs that correspond to the metal element are the ones that allow you to let go – your lungs and your large intestine. In order to fuel more energy with your breath, the lung must exhale to unload all the baggage…all the gaseous toxins that don’t belong. The large intestine also functions to help you let go of all the food waste in your body. What happens when these two organs get backed up? Well, with the lungs you may experience breathing difficulties with labels such as asthma or bronchitis, and with the large intestine…well no one wants to experience constipation. I’ve had my share of relieving clients from both types of health projects and myself with more of the lung one.

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The Secrets of Turmeric

Turmeric is a wonderful spice that is used in a lot of Asian cooking, specifically East Indian. It has many important healing properties. Curcumin is the primary ingredient (where the yellow coloring comes from), which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities and protects the liver from toxins. Turmeric has been known to lower cholesterol and can curb the replication of the HIV-1. Studies have shown that it improves rheumatoid arthritis where one’s flexibility can increase and joint swelling is reduced. It is a warming herb, but it’s also bitter which means, in terms of the five elements of Chinese medicine, it belongs to the Fire Element.

When I was helping a client who had a breast cancer project many years ago, it was highly recommended by her oncologist (who was of South Asian Indian descent) to take turmeric as a supplement to prevent tumors. Personally, I love to cook with turmeric, especially during the colder months/seasons of Fall and Winter. Below is a quick and easy chicken recipe that I use turmeric in.

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What Thoughts and Words can you Afford?

Self-Care starts with how you think and feel.  Every outcome starts with a thought.  One of my favorite quotes is by Ralph Waldo Emerson- “ A man is what he thinks about all day long.”  What thoughts do you harbor?  What thoughts run through your mind?  What is your self-talk?  Do you think highly of yourself…or do you beat yourself up?  How do you react to your mistakes?  Are you forgiving to yourself and do you find compassion within yourself?  Remember how you treat yourself, is how you ripple to the world.

Today’s topic comes from a week of working with clients and hearing how they think of themselves.  I listened to a friend recently tell me about something that he was manifesting in his business only to hear him say the words “ I don’t want to talk about it too much because it might jinx it.”  Are you always waiting for the other shoe to drop….or do you expect the best outcome possible for yourself?  I know that even I am guilty of this activity.  Just look at the results of your life and it will tell you exactly where your consciousness is.   Are you attracting everything that you want in your life?  We magnetize to us exactly where our consciousness is..where are thoughts are  and even  sometimes it shows up in our body (our earth suit) !

It’s interesting to discuss this topic because the  THOUGHT radar is heavily out  this time of year  (Indian Summer) and associated with- the EARTH  element of the Chinese Five element system.  If you think about the texture of the EARTH element- it can be sticky or clay like.  One of the ways to describe the texture is GUMMY….or RUBBERY. Think of chewing gum !  What does chewed gum feel like when you are chewing it?  Well that’s what happens when we think the same thoughts over and over again…ie.- WORRY.

Do you find yourself obsessing over the same thoughts?  If so, that is the dis-harmonized activity for this time of the year How can you counteract that activity?  First of all, you can bring those thoughts to the conscious level and begin to transform your experience.  Counteract all of that worry with the outcome that you would like to experience instead.  As you do that, hold your thumb and began to breathe and visualize the outcome that you want.  As you breathe, know that as you exhale you are letting go of all the worry and as you inhale, let spirit in as it is the true creator of what you are creating and feel the ONENESS with spirit.  You might ask, which thumb do you hold –left or right?  Which ever side you are drawn to.  Here’s a tip – if you are drawn to the left side- it is probably an emotional root cause and if it the right side, then you can count on it being a lifestyle issue.

In today’s moments, with all the galactic shifts going on, you cannot afford to stay stuck with WORRY.  We must embrace the change just as Pachamana ( Mother earth is doing).  Better yet ..ROLL with the changes, for she is our model for SELF-CARE.  Lean in to me as I whisper to you- Change your thoughts to what you want and see yourself in the situation that you want to create for yourself. and begin to FEEL what that situation looks like. What’s the real result that you want to see for yourself ….Journey to see yourself there and tell Spirit what you want.  Watch yourself become a master at manifesting what you want.  The truth is that we are always manifesting…the question is what are you manifesting?  

To learn more on how you can help yourself become a Master Manifestor, check out my FREE tele-interview with Karen McMillian, the Yinpreneuer – tomorrow, September 19th at 9 AM PDT/ 12 PM EDT.  Just click HERE and get the details. Can’t make the call?  CLICK here anyway and get the recording.  Spirit is calling!

From Darkness to LIGHT – Staying Clear even when it seems like it is out of your CONTROL

As life goes on daily, you are bombarded by different energies.  Those energies accumulate over time.  Sometimes, you are not aware when you are hit by an entity.  Yes, I said it an ENTITY.  An entity, is a spirit that has no body and has wondered around this earth in this time and moment because they were not ready to move to the light when its time had come to shed its earth body.  In Shamanism, we send such lost souls to the light so that they can work behind the scenes for us in a more constructive way with light.

Usually these lost souls, stay here on earth looking for a body to host it, so it can play out the story that it never completed while on this earth.  If you have an affinity in common with that entity it will match your energy and attach itself to you.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit in Sacred Space with some of my shamanic girlfriend goddesses, while we all cleared and blessed my new living space.  I had been meaning to do this since I had moved on July 1st, but between my schedule, moving and travels to Peru, I hadn’t made the space and time to do such a thing.

Last week was a rough week of growth for me as I got to look at some of my relationship issues especially my father issues.  I found myself being everything but the perfect goddess energy that I know and love of myself.  Determined to come back to that place of peace and serenity (that was the feeling I had after getting a session with the Q’ero in Peru last month) I decided that I needed a shift.  So I invited a few of my Shaman friends over to help me clear and bless my home.  One of the things that we do is, to check and see if an entity has attached itself to one of the persons living in the space.  Well sure enough there was an entity within me, that felt the need to protect me and show up in ways, let’s just say is out of character for me.  Thank God, my girlfriend Ruby sent that entity to the light because I today I feel like a million bucks.  I know who I am and where I am going and I feel focused once again as I center in this oneness with the Universal Spirit.

After my travels to Peru, I came home realizing how much I needed to stay clear as much as I can so I can be the STAR energy I am meant to be here on EARTH at this time!  Feeling discombobulated, is just not an option for me anymore and when I feel like my friend Erin called me the other day -“ a crazy woman” I must look deeper and see what it is I needed to clear so I can be the true STAR energy I am here to be.  Clearly, there were some father issues that I needed handle otherwise that entity would not have attached itself to me.  I apologize profusely for those souls who had to be on the receiving end of my  “crazy woman moments.”

We all go through our stuff-our life lessons, our soul’s contracts, but what is the gift.  There’s always a gift and we must embrace that gift even if we have to go through some darkness to receive it.   It is my part of my journey as the  Blended Shaman ( yes one of new coined names in the last year) to help bring darkness to LIGHT.  I know that I can only help others with that journey as I am willing to include such a journey with my own life experience.

Namaste!  Have a blessed day!



Tomasa Macapinlac, Dipl. of ABT, The Self-Care Queen, The Blended Shaman –  helps entrepreneurs have sustainable vibrant Energy so that they can have a life, run a successful business and BE the STAR they are meant to be here!  She is currently working on her new adventure – Ancient Healing Institute to train and help more lightworkers produce more STAR energy for the world.




Self-Care for your GUT while traveling to developmental countries

Many of you have been following me on facebook and know that I recently traveled to the Andes in South America.  Since I was going to a developing country – Peru I decided to take some aid with me to ensure that I didn’t get sick and could thoroughly enjoy my journey in Peru.  There were several concerns about going to Cuzco, Peru-

1)  bacteria exposure

2) altitude sickness

3) exposure to any known social diseases

However, today I am going to focus on the bacteria exposure.

Bacteria exposure or what I would like to describe as microbial exposure occurs when you enter a different country.  Let’s face it, their bugs are different than ours in the states, so your system wouldn’t be acclimated to theirs.  It happens often, when one goes to a foreign country, one sometimes gets sick to their stomach and the body eliminates the bacteria as best as it know.  Most often the stools become loose or turn into the traveler’s diahrrea OR one may find themselves worshiping the toilet bowel as they spew out chunks of the latest meal consumed,  which is known as Montezuma’s revenge.

Here are some keys to help you avoid Montezuma’s revenge:

1)   avoid drinking tap water because this is the main source where the microbial exposure comes from

2)    avoid eating raw foods because it is likely that they clean the raw foods with tap water even at the 5 star resorts that claim that they have filtered water

3)   Take charcoal, grape seed extract, a good probiotic, and/or a digestive enzyme to help your system cope with any unconscious exposure


If you already take these supplements, you will want to increase your dosage to 3X so that your system is able to ward it off without any symptoms.

Energetically, you can also hold your middle finger, because in the modality, Jin Shin Jyutsu, the middle finger helps the liver and since the liver is the organ that filters all of the toxins out of the system, it is the one that needs help.

Understand that the skin is like a big lung for the body.  The skin absorbs everything…so if you have any open wounds, cuts, etc then it could potentially be a vessel to carry the bugs to your internal system.  So following the third key above is the secret to avoiding Montezuma’s revenge.

I believe that I might have been exposed when I ate one of the bag lunches that was prepared from one of the Qero’s home.  The tomatoes on the sandwich might have been washed with their tap water at home.  I had already been taking charcoal ( Prime Defense by Garden of Life) and Quiet Digestion a Chinese Herbal Patent Formula that I distribute by Health Concerns.  My energy had started to drop on Sunday, while touring Macchu Picchu.  I could feel a something going on in the pit of my stomach.  Being the Chinese Medicine Practitioner that I am, I listened to my pulses and I heard the liver pulse screaming at me.  I gave my self a double liver flow and I was good to go.  No sign of Montezuma’s revenge at all!

Please note the simple alternative for you is to hold your middle finger.  Yes, just wrap your right fingers around your left middle finger and vice-versa to apply to the right side.




Last week, I was able to help my friend go into labor who was already over two weeks overdue with her pregnancy.  She really wanted to have a home birth.  Being the healing artist that I am, I went to her home to help her get labor started by holding the two areas that I knew would help open up her pelvic girdle and to get the labor moving along.  As I worked on her, I asked her to focus on her breath.  I asked her to breath 36 breaths as I held these two areas on her which would help open up her pelvic girdle. Before she was half-way between the 36 breaths, she had had two contractions within 5 minutes apart.  At this point, I decided to get my stop watch on my iPhone to time her.  Again, another contraction comes within 5 minutes.  I tell her, “We need to call the midwife”. She agrees.  The midwife actually wanted to be there when the contractions were 10 minutes apart.  The last contraction before the call to the midwife was within 2 minutes of the contraction before.

Why am I writing a blog about this one might ask.  I want to emphasize how important the breath is.  The breath allows you to unload and let go when you exhale and the inhale allows you to receive the LIFE FORCE ENERGY to help sustain you.  You see my friend was able to unload so she could relax and allow her baby to come into this world naturally.

On my guided audio recordings, I emphasize the breath as you are doing flow patterns on yourself .  To learn more about my Vibrant Energy Flow System, check out …


Breakfast Amaranth

I eat amaranth for breakfast almost every morning. It is a great nutty gluten-free grain (it’s really a seed from Peru) that dissolves what we describe in Chinese Medicine as dampness in the body.  Dampness can look like excess mucous in the body, extra pounds or even overweight, or phlegm.  Dampness coagulates your chi…you might feel sluggish or fatigue or your limbs might feel heavy…or you could have fuzzy thinking…it can affect your memory – what we sometimes call brain fog.  Yes, dampness is something that you want to avoid, unfortunately most of us have some form of it.  The key is to keep it at a minimum.

So today I’m going to share my Breakfast Amaranth recipe with you because it is one of the grains that help you dissolve dampness:



1 cup of Organic Whole Grain Amaranth ( Note :  You may purchase at your local health food store; it might be in the bins.)

2 cups of filter Water

1-2 Teaspoons of Cinnamon

One dropperful of Liquid Stevia ( I like either the Whole Foods or NOW brand)

1-2 tsps of Barleans Flax Oil with the highest lignan


Rinse the amaranth under sieve for about 3 minutes from your filtered water source ( if you have one)

Place the rinsed amaranth in a pot along with the 2 cups of water.  Bring the pot and its contents to a boil, then bring down to a simmer and add the cinnamon and stevia.  Let the amaranth simmer for about 20 minutes on a low to medium heat.  Serve up in a bowl with flax oil on top ( I like to use Barlean’s Flax oil with Highest Lignan)



Spring Season Allergies Got YOU?

I recall many years ago, when I first started this work, I suffered from severe allergies- nose running profusely that I would want to stuff tissue in my nostrils just to stop it already, my eyes would itch really bad that all I wanted to do was stop the itching and just let the puffiness show, and my lungs would wheeze with such desperation to just let in the air and make it easy for me to breathe.  There are many things that I tried over the years.  I never ever really liked any of the medicines that Western medicine would suggest for over-the-counter or prescription because either it would make me super sleepy and I couldn’t get anything done as a working woman or my heart rate would race so fast that I wondered if I was going to be leaving my body soon.  Sixteen years ago, I put a stop to using all of those drugs and discovered that energy medicine works along with some of the supplements and herbs that I am suggesting:

Energy Medicine

Place your right fingers underneath your left collarbone, palpate the area for what’s sensitive to you and HOLD.  You’ll want to do the same with the left fingers only you will palpate below the right collar bone to find the most sensitive area.  When you find both of the areas on left and right side, HOLD them together, drop your elbows and shoulders while holding these bi-lateral areas and BREATHE.  Exhale first…to unload and then INHALE and let in the LIFE FORCE ENERGY.  Continue to breathe for about 9 breaths or as long as you feel something going on.  The two areas might get very warm or you might hear gurgles going on in your abdominal cavity, your body might want to twitch or your breathing pattern will change.  It’s all good because you are releasing all of the tension and heavy energies that don’t serve your body.


One of the Orthomolecular formulas that I have discovered that help to relieve allergies well is called D-HIST.  You can purchase it on the internet- just google it.  It’s got Bromelain in it, which is great as an anti-inflammatory for your nasal passages as well as lungs.  There are other great things in it like Quercetin, Stinging Nettles, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine  (NAC), an amino acid and Vitamin C

Chinese Herbal Patent Formula

As always I say consult with your Chinese Medicine Practitioner because the tongue and/or pulse needs to assessed to provide a formula for you specifically.  Every individual is different.


Eliminate anything that can cause mucus to build in the system – this may include dairy, gluten, and sugar.  To dissolve the mucous, eat amaranth for breakfast in the morning.  Tomorrow I will post my Breakfast Amaranth recipe …so check back then.

Also, make sure you drink plenty of water because you might be losing a lot of water – remember your body is made up of 70% water and you need to replenish all of the bodily fluids that you might be losing.



As I write this, I journey back to all the times of mothering my daughters…the birthing process, their early years of development – the excitement and joy of watching them grow and develop as they smiled back at me, cooed, talked and walked as they became more and more independent with the teen years.  I have gone from being the helicopter parent to the parent who has allowed them the space to grow-up and learn their life lessons, which has been hard for me to do. I do remember how I became so engrossed in being a mom and forgot to take care of myself. I was much the mom who was the breadwinner (embodying that masculine energy) but also that mom who would come home and make sure that you got a good nutritious meal and cuddles (that feminine energy).  One day it hit me like a brick wall when the Universe sent me a message and made me take care of myself.  I was so fatigue and sick with a cold that I couldn’t do anything for anyone.  I’ve been pretty much open to holistic practices since my late twenties, but this time I went to the doctor wondering what was wrong with me because I couldn’t shake this cold.  The doctor looked at me and said, “Go home and get bed rest for 3 days and don’t do anything…let your husband take care of the girls.”  I told the doctor that I could do that and so I did.  However, after the third day, there was very little improvement in my energy levels.  A co-worker, who is now a client of mine, introduced me to a practitioner that helped me open doors that I never knew about.  From then on, I practiced the art of SELF-CARE.  I allowed myself to get weekly sessions so that I could be fresh for my family and who knew that I would discover that it would be my life’s passion.  As I live with this work that is play for me.  I absolutely love what I do and I never need to put it on the shelf because I need a break from it.  What I might need is a break from taking care of others to allow myself to be cared for.  I thank the Universe for giving me this lesson because without I would never have discovered my life’s work.  Motherhood can open doors for you that you never would have thought about.  What changes have you have made that are directly connected to motherhood for you?

Sleeping with the Wood Element

As I write this, I race to finish before it’s too late to get a good night’s rest.  In Chinese Medicine, we have something that we call the body clock.  So there are ideal times for us to get to sleep.  Basically, if you get to sleep (not bed), between 11 PM – 1 AM, it’s a good thing.   Past 1 AM, most likely one will have a restless night of sleep.     The body clock has six 4-hour time slots associated with each element with the exception of the fire element, which has two 4-hour time slots.  So why do we need to get to bed before 1 AM?   Well the truth is that Liver organ meridian which is associated with the wood element starts at 1 AM and needs you to be asleep so it can process your day…hence, any mental or emotional stress is processed during this time.  Remember, the wood element is responsible for the smooth flow of chi (energy for lack of a better translation) and emotions.  So if you are feeling stressed- any kind (mental, emotional, physical) during the day….you need to get a good night’s rest at the optimal time so your liver can process your stress.  So what time will you be going to bed tonight?  Well, I’ve made it before the 1 AM mark and after today…I’m feeling like I need to beat the clock before it strikes 1 AM.  Good night!

Touching Spirit with the Ethereal Soul – HUN

What is the HUN?







Yesterday, I touched briefly on the HUN energy of the FIVE Spirits according to Chinese Shamanism.


HUN, the ethereal soul is LIVER Yin.  It is about finding your livelihood.  If someone is not doing or being in their right livelihood they become unbalanced.  Unbalanced can lead to frustration and/or anger. How does one feel when they are doing something that they don’t want to do?  Energy may become pent-up.  Sometimes this may lead to anxiety causing insomnia.  The LIVER Energy is not rested.  It will invade the whole body including the digestion system.  One may become relentlessly fatigue…or the HUN spirit becomes rootless and leaves the body.  Thus, depression may come about.  Hello, is anyone in this body?

What can one do about this?  See a Chinese Medicine Practitioner is the easiest answer as the area on the back of the body is called the HUN gate, but can be very difficult to find it on one’s self.

Dharma ….not Drama!

Here in the Bay Area, the weather is heating up; it was whopping 90 degrees as I drove down the stretch of the 680 corridor SOUTH bound yesterday.  Anyhow, what I am saying is that it almost feels like SUMMER.  Summer time brings that fiery energy-that energy of wanting to have fun and socialize.  Well, technically we are still in the Spring Season.  I can tell because my to do list seems to be a mile high and I’m not stopping until nighttime when my body says, its time to rest.

For me it feels kind of like we are in the midst of transition of the SPRING to SUMMER.  Yet, I feel the heat and everything is blooming in my life as nature’s surroundings are.   I am feeling the pressure to get stuff done in that fiery kind of way with the BIG LIST, while all the seeds that I have planted in the FALL and Winter are coming to fruition.

How do I sit in the midst of my BIG LIST and get it all done without harming my body, staying focused and feeding my Spirit.

I still eat organic nutritious meals in the chaos of all I have to do.  As a matter of fact, the amaranth is on the stove almost ready to be served up…I take small breaks between each of my BIG tasks and do some type of mind exercise to feel good about what I just accomplished….That could be me appreciating all the beauty and the things that I love about my life or it could be me simply dancing and giving my Head-quarters a break or taking the time to make sure that I have that nutritious meal for my body.  Besides, it helps that I did my Vibrant Energy Flows this morning-  all 6 of them!

When the Universe opens up space in my life, I take it and understand that I must have needed it otherwise it wouldn’t be there.   Yet, I have this Yang Energy of wanting to get everything done, have my schedule full and my list checked off.  I know that everything is always unfolding beautifully as it suppose to.  I have this knowingness about myself and about how life works.  Everything and everyone shows up exactly when and where they are suppose to … and I don’t need to make things happen all the time.

In Chinese Medicine, we have a Shamanic practice.  We call them The Five Shen (Spirits).  With the Wood element –specifically liver it is called the HUN.  The HUN is the ethereal soul of the body that exists as consciousness even after the body expires.  So I love to intertwine all of my wisdom and practices that I have acquired over the last two and half decades.  I am constantly raising my consciousness to what is available to me and know that Spirit always supports me.  Truthfully, that’s how I get through my BIG list sanely and still intact without all of the drama (which ego could bring)  but with dharma.

As Wo(men), We Embody the Pioneer Spirit

I continue to talk about the Wood Element as the Spring Season wraps up here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  As I mentioned in previous blog posts, the archetypes associated with the Wood Element are Pioneer, Warrior, and Visionary.  While teaching my class on Saturday, my client made a comment about how we as women have had to be the pioneer in most male dominated fields.  I paused and thought about this revelation.  I began to see evidence of how woman have had to break the glass ceiling in many ways.   Does this mean that we have had to pull out all stops of the Wood Element?  Indeed, it does.  If you look at it, we had to be the front-runners to pave the way for our younglings (as Oprah would call them )– Yes this is the Pioneer Spirit.  In order to be that Pioneer, we have to see it first – hence the Visionary and then we stand tall in what we believe in that Warrior Goddess Energy.


The major milestone in history that comes to my mind is The Women’s Suffrage Movement.  Did the women who were the leaders in that history milestone embody the archetypes of the Wood element?  You bet they did!

They had to have the vision – sometimes our vision means that we need Spirit to help us move mountains to make it happen!  This was something outside of the Box, so therefore they had to pave the way for us women today to have the right to VOTE.  They had to be warriors to stand up for what they believe in!  …and YES it takes a bit of YANG energy to make this all happen….but I also want to point out that the Visionary part is not so YANG – it’s more of a YIN Energy.  So next time you have a goal or a Vision remember that the YIN Energy is needed with the Vision.  There’s not too much effort in creating the Vision.  As a matter of fact, I would say that the Vision part should really access all senses – Hence I ask the questions?


What would it LOOK like?

What would it FEEL like?

What would it SOUND like?

What would it TASTE like?

What would it SMELL like?


You see this is how we create for ourselves and then the effortless of the YANG energy follows.


What does this have to do with Self-Care?  Well, when you have a goal in mind this is how you access the WOOD element to help you with your goal – VISUALIZE- BE the PIONEER to dare dream what you Want and STAND tall like the WARRIOR to weather all of the objections that might come with your GOAL.  Essentially, Self-Care goals can be effortless when you utilize your Wood Element.


Self-Care is taking care of the self on so many levels.  We have SELF-CARE so that we can remove our blocks so our life ROCKS.  Yes, I stole that from my friend, Jenn August.




Tomasa Macapinlac, Dipl. Of ABT

The Self-Care Queen


Compassion transforming Forgiveness

Last night, I fed my soul by attending a lecture by the renowned spiritual teacher and author, Marianne Williamson at Stanford University.  One of the questions that came up from the audience is “How do we forgive?”

As I listened to Marianne’s response, it felt very Shamanic to me on many levels, yet I see this piece as we extend this subject of the feeling of Anger from the Wood Element.  Yet, I find it appropriate to address this on my blog.  The Divine download came to me last night about the feelings of anger and what it really means because we are masking our true feelings, which could look like abandonment, rejection, unloved, etc. –  that have been triggered by some other event that might have happened earlier in our lives or perhaps even a past life that we might not be conscious about.  As spiritual beings having a human experience, the true core of us has no feelings of anger, but as a human we get to experience it.  So how do we forgive when these feelings come up for us.  There’s one word that I want you to get  as I struggle with these feelings myself this week, I was reminded last night when I received the Divine download – COMPASSION.  The meaning of COMPASSION is: a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.  When we are able to forgive we are able to have COMPASSION because we realize what has been dumped on us has nothing to do with us and we no longer have to sit in that role of victim. We become empowered to be the loving being that we are meant to be here on earth and experience LOVE on a different level.  The truth is that, we all just want LOVE.  When we realize this, we engage ourselves in self-love.  Self-love is self-care.  It is one of the ultimate forms of Self-Care.  What situation or person in your life could you forgive and transform those feelings to compassion?

When I show up as a shaman in my life, I can truly be the COMPASSIONATE being that I am here to be.



Bring your Emotions Back Into BALANCE with the Wood Element

Yesterday, I spoke about the WOOD element archetype and how wood may show up in your body disharmonized.  I hinted a little bit about the emotions, but what I didn’t tell you directly is that the reason no wanted to claim their WOOD element while I was in school studying Chinese Medicine…well because it is associated with the emotion ANGER.  Somehow that word, itself seems to scare everyone away.  No one wants to be associated with ANGER.  Honestly, ANGER is a good thing.  What it tells you is that “you have overstepped your boundaries with me.”  However, I like to examine this closely because what I know now after giving thousands of sessions and experiencing my own healing with other Asian Bodywork Therapists is that ANGER is the door to the true feelings that a person is experiencing.  What I know about the Wood element is that it is responsible for the smooth flow of emotions.  Often times people are sad or hurt rather than angry.  Yes, when it doesn’t count like with road rage and someone cuts you off, you get upset and are ready to flick them off.  Honestly, what triggered you, anyway.  If you already have inner peace, the road rage person cannot destroy your peace and cannot rattle your cage.

When people come onto my table presenting all their disharmonized emotions, I always work on their wood element.  The wood element is the cleanser of the blood physiologically and since the blood in Chinese medicine is represented by the FIRE element – the key to our joy- hence, bringing forth the joy is a way to help others move through their emotions.

I’m going to share a secret with you…. Listen in…the next time you get angry instead of flicking someone off…hold your left middle finger with your right hand and fingers, then breath 36 conscious long slow deep breaths. As you breath, get in touch with all the emotions going on with yourself.

How do you own the WOOD archetype within?

As we are in the midst of the Spring Season, most of us are showing our wood element that lives inside each and everyone of us. For some of us, it may appear strong and others it may not be your strength when it comes to expressing the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine – ultimately of the philosophy of Taoism.  You see wood shows up in many ways. It is very action oriented essentially looking like YANG energy.  It is about expansion and growth as you see all of the flowers, plants and trees blossoming, during this season.

The wood archetype can show up a few ways.  I like to say here in America where I live- our culture definitely embodies the Wood Archetype for we have the PIONEER spirit who came here back in the day.  Yes you got it, one of the Wood Element Archetypes is the PIONEER. IF you are an entrepreneur, you need this archetype to help you make it in your business.  Yes, it can be about making the almighty dollar, but in a very YANG kind of way.  Also, the wood element rules the eyes in more than one way to hold the vision….yes you got it VISIONARY types are of the Wood element.  And another important archetype of the Wood Element is the one who will fight for their dream – yes The WARRIOR.  You see because wood is about expansion and growth, nothing will get in the way of them expressing their opinions and views in life whether anyone agrees or disagrees with them.  They really don’t care because they count and they are going to make things happen!

With these archetypes embodies different types of wood behavior.  Because a Wood archetype is the visionary along comes planning and decision-making.  If you have a plan, the decision-making will be easy.  If you don’t have a plan then you might find yourself up late at night or the wee hours of the morning trying to work out your indecisiveness.  Sleep can be disturbed.  Because there is so much activity going on in the HEAD-quarters, headaches can manifest on the sides of the head and may show up as migraines.  Sciatica, which is pain that runs alongside of the body may flair up and can show up on the side of the hips.

I laugh at this element because when I was in the midst of my Chinese Medicine studies many years ago…. No one wanted to claim that they were of the Wood Element type because we were of the opinion that Wood isn’t so nice. Honestly I’ve only started to own the wood inside of me as I began to realize it is the part of me that helps me be successful in life.  Without action, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Wood element has a voice and a loud one because it can shout from the top of its lungs letting you know its opinion.  I used to be weary of Wood Element types, but when I began to embrace the Wood element within me, I began to understand the Wood Element and own it within me.

Disharmonized wood can show up as stiff  depressed as it represses it true feelings because you see in Chinese Medicine the Wood Element is responsible for the smooth flow of chi and emotions.  Because the wood element rules the joints in the body, a disharmony of stiffness may appear. Hence, a harmonized wood element can ensure the flexibility of the body.    Where do you sit with the Wood element as of all that I have shared with you so far?  Would love to hear from you!

Blending the Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies with The Yin and the Yang

It’s true opposites attract!  They actually fit together like a puzzle. That’s exactly the case with the Yin/Yang symbol. Yin represents that female quiet subtle energy and Yang represents that masculine, in your face active energy.  We all have both of these energies embodied within us.  These energies exist in relationships so much that it can relate to the electronics in our life as the positive charged electron and the negative charged electron interact to create electricity!  We all know what electricity does for us; it creates some of the things that we take for granted such as light. There are times in our lives where we need to find that balance, which can happen naturally.  The subtle energies merge to create that balance.  We don’t always have to be trying to make it happen but it can fall into place with EASE and grace.  When we are actively trying to seek that perfection sometimes we amiss the true solution that could provide us the beauty that we seek within ourselves or in a relationship – that balance of the Divine Feminine Energy along with the Divine Masculine Energy.

As I was just on the phone with my Shaman friend just the other day, talking indirectly about the galactic shifts and how they are affecting us emotionally, mentally and physically.  How can we sit in that ease and grace and allow ourselves to feel (The Divine Feminine Energy) but at the same time recognize (The Divine Masculine Energy) that we need to do our work or get some energetic work done on us.   The activity of both of them, makes us a much more balanced individual allowing our inner lights to shine just like the electricity brings us light.  It opens doors to opportunities of growth and expansion and allows us to vibrate on a level that we attract what we want in our lives.  How are you taking care of yourself with EASE and GRACE?  How are you allowing your daily activity to be guided by your wisdom, the Universal wisdom that you have access to?  Is it allowing your light to shine?  Or are you spinning your wheels?  Consciously bring to the surface that which can create EASE and GRACE in your life so that you may feel it in your body, rest your monkey mind, and allow your Spirit to guide you.

Are GoodByes difficult for you as they are for ME?

I self-reflect on life and all it has to offer.  I recall whenever I am leaving a family member or a friend especially after a visit with a trip…the goodbye time can be difficult for me.  I am reminded of my 6-year old great niece, Victoria who doesn’t like to say goodbye. As a matter of fact, she won’t even look at you when she’s leaving or when you are leaving.

 I notice that when my mom comes to visit, the tension between us seems to build, as she gets closer to the time when she is departing from her visit.  Finally, on one of those visits I said to her…”OK we don’t have to leave like this. I love you mommy and I know that we are both having a hard time saying goodbye.”

Well, it’s apparent that mommy still gets upset when I come to visit because I am pulled in every direction with family and not enough time spent with her even as she sits at 83 years old.

 As I have grown conscious of my reactions to certain situations in my life, I recall when I was a little girl sitting in the big picture window watching my mom leave for a weekend Las Vegas trip with my aunt and uncle.  I would cry because I was so attached to my mom and I would follow her around the house when I was little because I was bonded to her… Tears just flowing through my eyes as I observe her getting into the car that whisked its way to the streets of Las Vegas.

 Do goodbyes really have to be that difficult?  Even though I am damn near an empty nester, I found myself having a hard time saying goodbye to my oldest daughter who goes away to college at every summer, winter and spring break.  Something snapped in me when she left from the last Summer break.  It probably will be her last Summer break goodbye as she takes on more responsibility with her own life and as I become the divorced peri-menopausal woman searching for something different than raising her kids as they become more independent in finding their own way into the world.

 Are good byes hard because I am this Pericardium Fire-type (One of Chinese Medicine Five Element archetypes) where connection matters more than anything to me?  Or is it just because I have these deep embedded memories of having a hard time to say goodbye because of my experience as a little girl?  Or as a shaman is it something that I need to examine from a past life because it may be imprinted in my soul and part of my soul’s lesson here?  The importance is that I have brought it to the conscious level so that when I am relating to others I understand when those difficult goodbyes come up, I understand and recognize what is going on with me as a spiritual being having a human experience and I can work with it.

One might ask, “What does this have to do with Self-Care?”  Self-Care is multifaceted and this is taking it to a deeper level of understanding oneself on the soul level and being able to relate to others when your triggers come up in life.  Self-Care is being aware of your vulnerabilities so that you may grow and flourish in life to be the Shining Star you are here to BE!  That is the ultimate Self-Care!

Your Body’s Many Cries for Water

Well, I just had to come back to the water element again.  I wanted to address this issue of how much water we need daily.

First of all, our bodies are made up of about 70% or more of water.  We lose water daily between perspiration, tears, bodily fluids, etc.

Sure fire ways to know when you haven’t taken in enough water….

1) Chapped lips

2) Fingernail cuticles are peeling back

3) Muscle cramps and you are not on High Blood pressure Medication

4) You have dry skin and it needs more lotion than usual

5) You might have fainted – Yes I know some one who has experience this!

How Much water should I drink?

Half of your weight in ounces.  For example- if you weigh 150 pounds, then you need to drink 75 ounces of water per day.

What counts as water? 

Basically, WATER – pure H2O.

I’ve had clients tell me that they count tea, coffee, juice, and even wine as water.  They might be liquids that are made with water, but once you put all of the other stuff in it – it is not pure water that hydrates you.  As a matter of fact, things that have sugar in them actually dehydrates (the opposite effect.)  Coffee- actually makes you run off of your adrenals, thus masking your real energy sources.

Bottled vs. tap

There are many controversial stories out there about tap water and bottled water.  The truth is that most bottled water is bottled in polyethylene terephthalate which may leach some harmful chemicals into your water.  There are many studies that have been done regarding this around the globe.  My suggestion is that if you are concerned about the tap water having pollutants in it and the bottles leaching harmful chemicals in your water, then get yourself a good filter.  I recommend that you get a water ionizer that filters and ionizes your water.  Emagic carries Kangen Water ionizer and there are other ones out there as well.  I like to drink water that has a PH level 0f 9.5 myself to help hydrate faster and alkalize my body.


Clear the Debris and Allow your Light to Shine

Everyday you live your life conscious and many things unconsciously; the choice can be yours if you want to live it more consciously.  Today, it was brought to my attention from an astrology/intuitive reading that I needed to step up to the plate and tell people what I really do and stop dancing around the issue. It’s funny that the right person will appear in your life when you need them.  I have a fairly new client who just loves my work and she says to me, “I don’t know how to explain to people what you do.”  I just smiled and said, “My work is experiential, it’s hard to describe to people what I do.”  Most want to call me an Energy Healer- well what does that mean to most of the world who has no idea what that means.  My colleagues and mentors of the Asian modalities that I practice, would prefer to call me an Asian Bodywork Therapist or an Asian Healing Arts Practitioner.  The truth is that my work is evolving and blending of several medicines – Asian medicine ( plant spirits, healing arts, and Chinese bodywork) and  Shamanism (energy medicine, hypnotherapy, past life, spirit releasement, multidimensional, and so much more).  Take that and combine it with metaphysics and you have Tomasa’s healing.  So the western astrologer, who has received my work describes it this way – “You help people clear their energy fields from the everyday stuff that they take on, the past, the present, ancestors so that they attract whatever they want to create in their lives – love, health, prosperity, and so much more.  Well, I couldn’t have said it a better way! When you keep your energy cleared, you have a better chance of attracting what it is that you want in your life.  Yes, my work helps many on the physical level as well, since much of the debris that we carry gets manifested in our bodies.  Believe me, I’ve had my own share of it…that’s why I continue to keep my energy field clear so I can be a clear channel for my clients and myself.

Now, I have to put my actual two cents in it because I truly believe that we all have this inner light within us.  Sometimes it dims because of all the debris that we collect and carry.  When you are carrying all of this baggage around, you get bogged down in life and what people see or feel is the baggage- the debris, not the light.  Ask yourself, are you allowing your light to shine brightly? Are you truly being the gift you were put on this earth to be or are you allowing all of your debris, baggage, whatever you want to call it, to block you from being the true light being you are meant to be here in this lifetime on this earth?  How are you being a true expression of Spirit?  …a true representative of Spirit?  How do you express yourself in your work, your life, in your relationships?  Is it of a Divine Nature?

OK my last two cents -since I am a metaphysician.  There is this thing called the Universal Law….since I have this engineering background I can say that it’s much like a function machine….what you put in, you get out.  It really grates on me when people like to call thoughts or words positive or negative.  The truth is that Universal Law doesn’t care if your thoughts are positive or negative – it just is.  Remember the function is: what you put in, is what you get out.  There’s no judgement.  Sometimes we might put something in that function machine that only allows us to push our debris down and not allow our inner light to shine.  I want to point this out because I see this happen frequently – “let’s pretend that we don’t see the shadow that holds us back”, or “the shadow that keeps us stuck in our feelings”, or “how the shadow keeps recurring because we haven’t brought it to the surface to deal with it or up to the conscious level for clearing”.   You can see where your consciousness is by what you EXPERIENCE, HAVE or are SURROUNDED in your LIFE.  What do you want to have in your life and what do you need to clear so you can allow the truth of your being, BEAM with LIGHT and LOVE?

Conscious choices, conscious energy

Last Sunday, I spent the day at a Clearing and Blessing Spaces class in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.  This class was quite a hands-on class that our own lab was an actual Spa and Salon.  One of the first things that we do especially if you are a Shaman, like myself is we rattle the energy to get it moving.  While rattling the linen storage room, I notice that one of the heaviest energies came from this area.  It just didn’t make any sense, since the linen was clean.  Secondly, the place where the cleaning supplies were kept had just as much hoocha (heavy energy) as the linen storage area.  The message that I took away as I continued with 20 other shamans, layering with the different levels of cleansing the entire salon was that just because you sanitize something doesn’t mean that you have cleaned it energetically.  I felt the energy of the clean linen wreaking with the heavy energy that the people who had received some type of treatment or session beforehand.  The cleaning supplies played a hand as well.  Just because they are cleaning supplies doesn’t mean that they energetically clean.  As I turned to look at the cleaning supplies – laundry soap, clorox bleach, paper towels clearly the Kirkland brand of Costco, I could feel the energy telling me that it came from products that weren’t Pachamama (Mother Earth) friendly nor were the manufacturers and the majority of the people who worked to put these cleaning products together weren’t living their lives consciously with blessings and love.  It made me think, if we choose to bring products in our own sacred space – home or work, what kind of unconscious energy that is heavy are we bringing in as well. Perhaps, when we buy things from places like Costco, we feel the energy of the product itself and if it feels heavy, then we must clean it energetically before bringing it into our sacred space.

RE-Storing the Water Element to help you Thrive!

While much of America is busy bustling around to get everyone jumpstarting with their New Year’s Goals and resolutions, I am basking in the flow of the water element.  Something that I never used to do, because I was just like our Woody American culture, work hard  to make every minute count.  What you don’t know is that we all need that down time to restore our energy and  avoid tapping out your energy reserves.  As I have studied and practiced most of my Asian Bodywork career is how to help you restore your energy so that you have enough to get you through your life and to do the things that you want to do. Well the truth be told that this is exactly how I got started in this kind of work.  I was in corporate Hi-Tech America and I burned out with my immune system leaving me with very little energy.  Lucky me, I had a co-worker who told me about a practitioner who not only helped me restore my energy, but opened me up to finding my life’s purposeful and passionate work – Asian Bodywork Therapy.

Essentially, we get our energy primarily from two elements- 1) The Water Element – which is passed down from our ancestors, our parents etc. AND 2) The Earth Element- how we get nourishment from our food source.  The Winter time is associated with the Water element in Chinese Medicine.  My last blog article I wrote about how most of us need more rest like the bears that hibernate in the Winter time.  What I want to point out to you as an entrepreneur/businessperson that, it is a good time to use your resources wisely this time of the year.  One of the resources is your energy -your LIfe Force Energy.  Instead of draining your energy, why not take the down time, think and just be.  This is when some of your best ideas can come to you…it’s a time of contemplation, a time to let that inner philosopher come out… a time to get curious.  Metaphorically speaking if you look deep down in the ocean, you see lots of beautiful things….well that’s what can happen if you take the time to be with the Water Element within you.  You might discover some beautiful new things or ideas for you and your business.  If you think about it, the Water Element is within you.  Our bodies are 70% or more of water.  How will you replenish the water within?  How will you take care of this precious resource within?  It can move very slowly and right now in the winter season, it is asking you to do just that…to go with the flow.  I like to suggest to clients and people who study with me to really restore your water element by doing chi exercises – Tai Chi or Chi Gung or you can watch my Dao Yin exercises under my videos tab, meditating, journaling, restorative yoga and my favorite is to let someone else work on me with Asian Bodywork while I go into a deep theta state of healing. While in the Theta state, the mind is capable of deep and profound learning, healing, and growth – it is the brain wave where our minds can connect to the Divine and manifest changes in the material world.  Now wouldn’t you like to learn how to create what you want without saying a word or doing a thing?  Isn’t it exciting when you can allow what you want to quantum leap towards you instead of always doing?  A friend of mine told me that he likes being busy because it keeps him young.  The truth be known that all this doing actually ages you.  Keeping your mind active and your thinking curious can help you live a longer life.  On the other hand, constant physical labor can tap out your water reserves – signs of this include – backaches, knee problems, dark circles under your eyes, hearing problems such as tinnitus ( or ringing in the ears), frequent urination, reproductive issues, peri-menopausal and menopausal women who have hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, memory loss, insomnia, osteoperosis or other stunted bone growth issues … and definitely constant fatigue.  If you find yourself craving salt, it’s a sign that your water element needs some attention.  Instead of reaching for SALT, try SEAWEED snacks and try seasoning your food with kelp or dulse flakes.  What your body is really craving are the minerals that these seaweed embed.


Why not start taking care of your Water element inside you TODAY?

What to do about the Holiday Weight Gain now that the Holidays are over?

The holidays are over, and you’re probably in carbohydrate hell.  I say this because you’ve probably eaten the rum cakes, the fruit cakes, the cookies, the mashed potatoes, and now you might be sporting a muffin top on your pants.  If you are like me, I can tell quickly when I have gained inches around my waist or weight by just putting on my clothes and noticing how tight they are. Oh, and let’s not talk about how all you want to do is sleep because you deprived yourself of this important night activity with all of the holiday preparations, shopping, parties and family gatherings.  There’s so much to address here, but I’m going to address the sleep deprivation that you might have experienced because I am a Chinese Medicine practitioner who really believes that we must follow nature’s rhythms and cycles to achieve perfect balance with our bodies, mind and spirit.

While everyone is out bustling around with holiday “stuff”, the days are short and when it gets dark… I don’t know about you, but I am ready to start turning down for the night.  Instead, much of the world is out shopping until 11 PM at night.  Yes the department stores are ruining our natural biorhythms.  As a matter of fact, Thanksgiving night, many of the stores open at 10 PM to start their black Friday specials and some of America is up shopping in the wee hours of the night to get those specials along with the employees who work those crazy swing shift hours.

I bring this up because SLEEP can be a huge factor in weight gain as a matter of fact, women who go through perimenopuase and menopause who experience insomnia are usually the ones who experience weight gain.  So you think there might be a correlation to sleep deprivation and weight gain?

In Chinese Medicine, Winter time is associated with what we call in the Five Element system – Water Element.  Water Element is an important element because it is associated with the organs – kidney and bladder.  I want to speak more from the kidney point of view as it is an important foundational organ in Chinese Medicine. It is said that your Kidney Jing Essence determines your longevity of life itself.  So what I have learned over the years of practicing and studying Chinese Medicine that you really need to take care of the Kidney chi.  Restore it as much as possible.  If we were to equate it to Western Medicine it rules the adrenals.  The adrenals are important because they kick in when we are experiencing fight or flight.  In today’s world, we experience it more often than we are conscious because of the American lifestyle and stress – mental, emotional and physical.  You see the adrenals pump out the hormone, cortisol.  More often today, you will see people who have too much cortisol in their blood stream which shows up as belly fat thus a precursor to diabetes, heart disease, sleep issues, digestive issues and memory issues.  In return, when cortisol lingers in the body, we tend to reach for the carbohydrates – the simple carbs (which is mostly around during the holidays).  See we are coming back full circle to carbohydrate hell.  When you are in carbohydrate hell you seem to feel sluggish and sleepy and let’s not mention that you need it because you have a sleep deficit from the holidays.  So I am going to suggest that you take care of yourself by enjoying some down time, more sleep (just like the bears who want to hibernate in the winter time), meditate, get yourself an authentic Asian bodywork session to help restore your kidney chi and get you back on track to feeling well rested, restored so that you are able to flourish when the springtime of growth and expansion comes.  You will find that when you take care of yourself and follow life’s natural biorhythms, the weight will release naturally and soon you will find yourself wanting to exercise as well because you will have the energy to do so.  Namaste and Happy Winter!

Egg Nog Smoothie for Holiday Cheer!

I must admit that I took the basis of this recipe from Rose Cole, a wellness coach,  but I modified it to my tasting and I used coconut milk since my daughter is allergic to almonds.  However, I have made it with fresh almond milk and it is just as delicious!


Egg Nog Smoothie

First peel and slice 2- 4 bananas and put in the freezer for a few hours.

Make date paste with 6-10 pitted organic medjool dates and about 2 TBSP of water in a high speed blender – puree it.

Add 2 cups of fresh coconut milk from the refrigerated section of Whole Foods or your local health food store.

2 tsp of flax oil (Personally, I like Barlean’s Fresh Flax Oil Highest Lignan)

2 tsp of Vanilla Extract

1/2 tsp of ground nutmeg

1/4 tsp of ground cinnamon

Blend all of the ingredients except bananas

Add frozen bananas at the end to thicken the drink.

Voila! Enjoy with nutmeg sprinkled on top in individual servings!





Energy of Releasing Weight

As I look in retrospect of the week, I have failed to keep up with my blog.  If I told you half of the things going on in my life, you would understand.  More pressing is that I had sudden death in my family of my 25- year old nephew and so I have spent most of my extra time with family either on the phone or in person. What I want you to know… is that in spite of everything going on, I feel at ease because I have chosen to take this path. Ease is an important to me because it means that things come to me with ease, I experience EASE even in the most chaotic situations. I don’t feel stress and I am really embodying my Divine Feminine Energy.  I learned to take the practice of Ease on when I took my first Inka Medicine Wheel class back in September of 2010.  I bring this up because ever since I’ve been consciously doing the work of the medicine wheel, I have been releasing weight.  You see, I discovered that my first (root) chakra always seems to be the one out of balance.  Well, the truth be known it is the place where I have a hard time losing weight no matter how healthy I have eaten- gluten free, sugar free and dairy free.  After being on the medicine wheel for 7 months, I was able to zip up a pair of pants where I had sported a muffin top. Basically, the way I see it, is that I can eat anyway I want and still release weight by embodying the practices of the wheel.  When you release all of your emotions, excess baggage even the ones that you are unaware of, the physical weight releases as well.  Truth be known that no I wasn’t really exercising except for the workout I get from working on clients with my Asian Bodywork practice, but I’ve been doing that for almost 15 years and the weight still wasn’t coming off at the rate it comes off today.  I will admit that I decided to go back to dance to build some muscle tone and to sculpt my body into that natural feminine physique that I had before I gave birth to my daughters.

What is the medicine wheel…one might ask.  It is the tradition of Shamanism, specifically Native Americans and Peruvian Inkas  (Which I have studied and practiced both over the last 8 years).   Depending on the tradition, each has the practices of each of the directions – SOUTH, WEST, NORTH and EAST.  The key is to operate on the CENTER of the wheel so you sit from that place of peace or shall I say my mantra EASE.

I highly recommend if you would like to release something in your life- an attitude, habits, weight, feelings or if you just aren’t able to create what is what you want…check out my friend and Shaman mentor, Dani’s website – http://www.yoursacreddestiny.com


I must admit all of this work of Shamanism is what has gotten my sister and I  through my nephew’s sudden transition.

Namaste – and Happy Holidays!

The Skinny on Oils

Oils themselves are extracted and are not considered a whole food.  They are not recommended for daily use unless you are taking them medicinally.

Suggested maximum oil consumption in a day:

  • If you feel that you could release some weight  (because it indicates that there are damp conditions such as sluggishness, tumors, candida, etc.) – none or very little,  you may take Omega-3 and GLA oil
  • If you feel like you could use some extra weight– one tablespoon
  • Person with no particular imbalance – one teaspoon

Most foods can be cooked without oils and that’s the way that I generally cook all of my foods.

When purchasing oils, you want to choose unrefined oils, which are available at your local health food store.

AVOID – polyunsaturated oilscorn, sunflower, safflower, soy, linseed/flax and walnut.   However, fresh, cold-pressed polyunsaturated oils may be used as medicinal oils or as EFA ( Essential Fatty Acids) in food preparation, but must not be used as cooking oils.  Shelf life of these oils is about three months, if they are kept cool/refrigerated . OMEGA-3 rich oils include – flax, hempseed, chia seed, walnut and pumpkin seed.

Unrefined monounsaturated oils generally are healthy.  They are recommended for those who have too much stored fat and cholesterol – most who eat large amounts of animal protein.  Recommended: olive oil from the west and sesame oil from the east.

Olive Oil is recommended a great monounsaturated fat for salad dressings and for giving foods flavor after cooking them.  It is not recommended for cooking because when heated it is susceptible to creating free radical cells (oxidative damage).

Take a look at the top three grades:  Extra virgin olive oil is recommended because it has a maximum acidity of 1%.  Fine virgin olive oil is next at 1.5% and then current virgin at 3%.  However, make sure the oils are always organic and unrefined.

Sesame Oil is both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, fifty-fifty.  Normally we would expect the polyunsaturated portion to quickly become rancid, but it is a very stable oil because as an antioxidant – sesamol is naturally present in it.

When cooking at high temperatures – clarified butter and coconut oil are recommended.

Clarified butter, which is sometimes called ghee, is butter with milk solids removed, thus containing butyric acid, a fatty acid that has anti-viral and anti-cancer properties; it has also been found to be helpful when preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease.  Might I add that clarified butter enhances an essence that governs the tissues and balances the hormones.  Ghee is a staple among Ayurvedic cooking; it is very useful for those who have depleted their kidney jing (essence)* by excessive sexual activity and can help restore the kidney jing (essence)*.  Great for increasing digestive fire, which improves assimilation thus enhancing the nutritional value received from foods.


Coconut oil is a powerful virus destroyer and antibiotic just like ghee/clarified butter, but is a vegan/vegetarian option    It is a saturated fat that contains lauric acid.  Lauric acid has unique healing properties; your body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, which has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoa properties.  According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, coconut oil contains the most lauric acid of any substance on earth.


Some of the benefits of coconut oil-


  • Promotes heart health- important during peri-menopause and menopause
  • Promotes weight loss – very important when we are going through perimenopause
  • Supporting a healthy metabolism
  • Providing you with an immediate energy source
  • Keep your skin radiantly healthy and youthful
  • Supports the proper function of thyroid gland
  • Helps with immune system


Coconut oil is a 2/3 medium chain fatty acid(MCFA) known as medium-chained triglycerides or MCTs.  The benefits of MCFAs are


  • They permeate your cell membranes easily, unlike the LCFA – long chain fatty acids that most vegetable and seed oils are comprised of
  • They are easily digested, thus putting less strain on your digestive system.
  • They are sent directly to your liver, where they are immediately converted into energy rather than being stored as FAT
  • They stimulate your body’s metabolism


Coconut oil fights diabetes by not producing an insulin spike in your body….and yes it can help prevent diabetes.


* Kidney Jing (Essence) has an important role in the physiology and it determines our constitution.  It is determined at the time of conception and how you use it can depend on your life span and quality of life – strength and vitality.  Essentially it is a very precious substance which should be guarded and not wasted.  Excessive sexual activity, stress and work can all contribute to the deficiency of it.  However, I like to believe that it can be restored with chi exercise – Tai Chi, Chi Gung, or Asian bodywork- which works directly with the chi.

Why Macrobiotic Food Combining is Important?

In Chinese Medicine, we say that if your digestive system is optimal, then you have a good chance of surviving any dis-ease that comes your way.  Our bodies are always performing biochemical reactions.  The Digestive system in particular likes to digest what is simplest first….that means simple carbohydrates, and sugar.  If we mix, these simple foods with animal protein, then our animal protein ferments while we digest the simple foods first causing a biochemical reaction that results in bloat or flatulence and other digestive issues, thus leaving us feeling an energy crash.

Here are the rules for a food combining chart that I teach in my classes:


  • Fruit is to be eaten alone
  • Animal Protein is only to be eaten with green leafy vegetables
  • Green Leafy/Non-starchy  vegetables can be eaten with everything except fruit
  • Starchy vegetables and complex carbohydrates can be eaten with everything except animal protein and fruit

Having Vibrant Energy Beyond the Holiday Weight Gain

I want you to know that you can still have vibrant energy despite the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  One of the energetic pin downs can be seasonal weight gain.  Weight Gain can make you feel sluggish and let’s not mention the emotions that are felt when the belly bulge doesn’t allow you to zip up your pants comfortably.  The good news is the average person puts on an extra pound during the holiday season from consuming cookies, cakes, and some of the fattening foods that seem to be part of celebrating the season.  In retrospective, that’s not bad at all, but the issue is the accumulation of these extra pounds annually.  If you don’t do anything about it, the weight shows up physically on your body and you get to decide if you want to embrace it or let it go.

I personally have given myself permission to eat as much as I want during this season as l believe have mastered the art of managing one’s weight.

During the course of the last 20 years, my weight has yo-yo’d from 126 pounds soaking wet to 170 lbs with baby on board.  After giving birth to each of my daughters, I had found shedding pounds to be a challenge.  Along the joy of watching my girls become adults, I have learned some simple yet delicious ways of eating that I practice in my daily life, how to sculpt my body with fun exercise, and how to energetically release baggage, which I have found to be effective tools to feeling and looking my best.

Healthy ways of Eating-

  • Follow the macrobiotic food combining chart
  • Eliminate cooked oils when preparing food unless you are using coconut oil, olive oil is fine to drizzle on veggies and some prepared foods after they are cooked – when I eat at restaurants I have to be a little bit flexible with this one.
  • Get 5-6 servings of green leafy vegetables daily
  • Eat quality protein
    • Organic and free range poultry
    • 100% grass fed and organic beef, lamb, etc
    • wild fish (stay away from farm raised)
    • organic Omega 3 eggs
    • Never drink when I am consuming food unless it hot tea or wine (in moderation) – because it dilutes your digestive enzymes
    • Avoid Hydrogenated fats and refined oils – which most commercial packaged foods contain even the ones from health food stores .
    • Make sure that I get my daily dosage of  Omega- 3  via flax oil
    • Gluten-free – clears congestion in the body
    • Dairy-free – Keeps my body clear of congestion which may show up as phlegm or extra body fat ( excess weight)
    • Sugar-free (and yes that means minimizing your consumption of fruit to only 1 or 2 pieces per day)
    • Drinking alkalized water (ph of 7.0 -9.5)  – (see my blog for options)
    • Soaking all of my produce in a grapefruit extract solution with water for at least 10 minutes

Sculpting my body with exercise

  • Internal healing arts –  I love recommending them because you get an internal workout as well as an external one
    • Yoga- most yogi’s are thin besides stretching keeps the body young
    • Tai Chi- great way to incorporate balance in your body
    • Chi – Gung
  • Dancing- my version of getting my cardio-vascular system up and running, but ideally it also incorporates stretch, thus sculpting the body and keeping it young (I encourage everyone to find and practice a form of exercise that lifts their spirit and moves their body.  When you enjoy your activities, it creates a different chemical reaction in the body rather than engaging some activity that may be more work than you want.)

Energetically releasing weight

  • Shamanic practices that include Chakra cleansing (seven energy centers of the body) – where you carry your weight is the one that is congested and needs some work
  • Asian Bodywork and Healing Arts- yes – meridians (energetic rivers that run through the body get stuck and thus will stagnate – thus this is where your weight gain is)

I have to admit that I am a chocoholic. Chocolate contains sugar and that wonderful antioxidant – cocoa bean.  When you eat quality chocolate without all of the preservatives in it, you will find that your body will feel different.  Yes, I’m talking about organic chocolate like Black & Greens vs. Hershey’s compare the different ingredients yourself.

I understand that these practices might be radical for you. For me, it has been an evolution of 20 years of searching for the right practices and habits as I was challenged with some health projects.  Because of this, I have embodied these practices into my daily lifestyles and I would like to encourage to start somewhere as it is a gradual change that becomes a way of life.  I challenge you to be conscious of your lifestyle healthy habits so you may have more vitality to do the things that are important to you.  Check back daily during this month (December) for details on why these options work.

Sudden Weather Changes

Sudden changes in weather conditions can throw your immune system in a downward tailspin…that’s why it’s a great time to employ Chinese Medicine to help you ward off any invasions on the Wei Chi ( protective chi).  You can do it with herbal medicine or energetic medicine.  My prefer method is always energy medicine first since the body really knows how to heal itself.  If  you measure three fingers from the crease of your wrist, where the third finger falls is a point called Pericardium 6

Pericardium 6

on the palm side of the forearm and on the opposite side is Triple Warmer 5.

Triple Warmer 5

Just hold those two points together  by placing your index finger of your opposite hand on Triple Warmer 5  and the thumb on Pericardium 6 and breathe about thirty six breaths.  This helps to regulate your body’s rhythmical cycles so that you can adjust to the seasonal climatic changes.  They are the two master points for what we call the Wei Mei (Regulator for the English translation) Channel.  The points are bilateral so you can do the other side (left or right) as well.

The Regulating Channel nourishes the immune system, thus governing the body’s resistance to colds and flus.  Good points to hold before the immune system is compromised!  Try it and let me know how it goes.