How Does Chinese Medicine Help You Avoid Colds and Flu?

yinYangI love ancient healing modalities and the results that my friends & family, clients and I get from receiving this kind of healing.

Yet, I have been a practitioner of almost 18 years of this work, one thing that I have noticed that much of it is still not mainstream. I scratch my head as I know the power of this work, for I live, breath and share it everyday in my life.

Recently, I checked out a colleague’s page to see what he is sharing. He’s very prolific in what he is sharing on his page and the products that he has created. He’s on his game and he knows Chinese Medicine like the back of his hand. I saw on one of his recent postings something about Wei Chi.   My question to you is “do you even know what Wei Chi is?” I mean, I do, because I have been trained in Chinese Medicine.

I mean –  “Do the words like make you wonder what the heck is he talking about?” Now this serious jargon that makes you want to run for the hills if you are not trained in that language. I mean learning Chinese Medicine is almost like learning another language. I won’t even go into the half of it.

However, I want to educate you that we all have Wei Chi – It is the protective layer of energy that surrounds our physical body that helps us fight off immune system attacks that may look like colds, flu, headaches, chills, fever, etc. It’s like your guard or gatekeeper to your immune system.

For some of us, it is stronger than others. The key is to keep it strong. The key question is: “how do you build it to be strong ?”

I’m going to give you some ideas here since you have heard of many of these things –

  • Chi Gung
  • Tai Chi
  • Tui Na
  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Reiki
  • Shiatsu

Again, it sounds like I’m speaking a foreign language again if your primary language is English.

I want to stay authentic in the expression of the work, but yet I want you to embrace the work, for it is very powerful and can help you on so many levels. For the sake of simplicity – I am going to call it Energy Medicine….yet this general term encompasses so much more.

Well I want you to know this work can help heal you, help you be vibrant, healthier and even reverse the aging process.

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Extraordinary Benefits to Oil Pulling & WHY You Want to Start Right Now

Many who follow me on social media see me post about my daily oil pulling morning ritual.

Many of my holistic friends know exactly what I’m talking about, and some don’t. I remember when I first learned about it from a video of a woman demonstrating oil pulling.

One day my tooth was hurting, and I dreaded going to the dentist and hearing about needing a cavity filled. So instead, I decided to start oil pulling. Over a year ago, I started oil pulling probably right when I decided to give probiotics a break. Truthfully, I’ve been just as healthy as I was when I ingested a probiotic capsule daily on an empty stomach.

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How Do You Help Mildew Spores Begone?

You may be wondering what mildew spores have to do with self-care.

Well, let me tell you that they have a lot to do with self-care—even more than the awful smell mildew creates. But sometimes you can’t smell mildew because it can become that black mold that is deadly for your health.

I want to share a story with you because I’m sure this has happened to most of us when we do the laundry.

Have you ever forgotten about a load of clothes that you washed, only to come back to them a day later (after a hot summer day) and realize that you forgot about them? And the smell alone—you know for sure when you open up the washing machine and smell the mildew that has started to settle into the fibers of your clothes, you’ve done it.

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Decisions, decisions…how do you make them?

By my guest blogger and holistic colleague, Jill Cohn, DCJill Cohn

Today I’d like to give you a helpful self-care tool, one that you can use every day, all day long, wherever you need to. I want to teach you to use MRT or Muscle Response Testing to make the best choices—the perfect choices for you—in your day to day life.

Tomasa asked me to share something valuable in the holistic self-care realm and I couldn’t imagine anything approaching the value of MRT. You know how it is when you’re required in your daily life to come up with an immediate yes or no response and your consciousness just doesn’t answer the call? You need to have an opinion based on consciousness and it isn’t there? Guess what: it IS there, but you may not know how to access the answer! Your body always has a perfect, visceral response—positive or negative—to every question, circumstance or person. Yes, that statement is true.

Back in the 1950s, a chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart discovered that we, as humans, grow weak in the face of what we perceive as a lie or a threat! We are walking lie detectors! Yes, we do “vibe it out” and our response is absolutely accurate and completely valid. Would you like to learn how to become reliable in ‘hearing” your body’s response and in reacting appropriately? Let me give you a lesson.

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The Five Elements of Self Care

The five elements of self care for your day-to-day

1. Follow Your Passion

2. Take Care of Your Physical Body on a Regular Basis

3. Study and Listen to What Inspires you

4. Contemplate Daily

5. Be the Warrior Goddess who will stand for what she believes

Happy Pachamama Day! It’s Like a Mother’s Day for Mama Earth!

earthHappy Earth Day!

Today is the day that we honor Pachamama with all she does to nourish us and hold us. She brings an abundance of nutrients through the plant spirits to help sustain us and keep us healthy. She bounds Mama Cocha (the ocean and other water passages like rivers, streams and ponds, lakes, etc.) to keep us from drowning. She houses us on this beautiful luscious land.

How do we give back to her? It’s like a Mother’s Day for Pachamama today as we celebrate Earth Day! We can give back to Pachamama by taking care of ourselves. When we take care of ourselves environmentally, we mirror back to Pachamama the gratefulness of luscious life.

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Wood Time – Watch Out!

communicating with lovePeople, this is the Wood time of the year!

We might feel the need to be moving fast, wanting to set goals…oh, and blurting out anger or frustration without really feeling what’s going on deep inside. One of the things I want to share through my experience of sixteen years of doing Asian Bodywork and studying and practicing Chinese Medicine, is that underneath anger is always a more tender, vulnerable feeling. What I know from practicing Chinese Medicine is that the wood element is responsible for the smooth flow of emotions and chi. Anger is the attitude or feeling of imbalance for the Wood element. When someone gets angry with you or if you get angry with someone or a situation, check in with yourself and see what the deeper feeling is. 

I did this just the other day with a friend who had a plane ticket to visit.

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Divine Passion

As I start out 2013, I decided to draw one of my Goddess Oracle Cards from my favorite deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD. If you know me well, you would understand the card that I drew…YES, it was Pele! Pele is the archetype that I own in so many ways. She is about Divine Passion. On the card itself it states just that, and its caption is “Be honest with yourself: What is your heart’s true desire?”


As I embark on 2013, I am changing the ways I apply me to my business, in so many ways. I am choosing to apply my energy work in a different light. You see, almost three years ago, I got to visualize what my queendom would look like. It was a world where everyone lived in harmony and balance. 

Well, recently, I am looking at what self-care means on a deeper level.

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The ultimate self-care is doing work that you are passionate about and not being a slave to a JOB that just pays the bills

As we end 2012, I have succumbed to a deeper story that I didn’t realize existed until I looked profoundly at the story of why I am the Self-Care Queen.

Earlier this month, I attended an event, Your Ecstatic Wealth with Christina Morassi and I participated in an exercise to look at my story. I know my story(ies) like the back of my hand…or so I thought.

Well, the truth is that an even deeper story came from me. You see, in my twenties I was the Berkeley electrical engineer graduate who was very disappointed in her career choice and didn’t enjoy engineering at all. The good news was that it paid the bills well, but the drawback was that I didn’t like, no less, love it. I was like a robot going to work to get a paycheck so I could pay the bills, be generous with others and save some for a rainy day. I moved onto, or shall I say, up to Technical Sales, which afforded me more luxury in my life, but the truth was that I was still a slave to a job that I didn’t find passionate enough to really excite me! I needed to make a difference in the world that meant more than selling semiconductors or engineering hardware development tools. I had health projects that spoke to me, and I tried every natural thing that I knew at the time from herbs, to massage, to nutrition, to essential oils.  

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