Are you Overwhelmed Because You KNOW That “Things Are Not As They Seem”?

Are you Overwhelmed Because You KNOW That “Things Are Not As They Seem”?

Come Get Unstuck from all Your Muck, So you Can Live Your Soul’s True Destiny

…No Matter where you are on the Spectrum of Discovering your Destiny, You can Allow it to EVOLVE Effortlessly

Perhaps you might be feeling one or more of these:

♥ You’ve spent hours in therapy, professionally or talking with a friend and it feels good to talk with SOMEONE, but if you compare the investment of time and energy with the results, you haven’t shifted as much as you would like. You are still looking for this BIG shift so you can move on with your life.

♥ You have a story. You feel like you’ve told your story over and over again, but no one gets it. As a matter of fact, they don’t GET YOU. So you keep telling your story, hoping that someone will finally get you.

♥ You have unresolved health issues…you’ve tried all different kinds of modalities, perhaps even medications and supplements. You are so over the top in resolving this health issue that you’ll do whatever it takes to resolve it, but you just want to get to the bottom of it and have it be gone like ABRACADABRA

Hello! I am Tomasa Macapinlac, and I am passionate about helping others take self-care beyond nutrition and exercise alone. I love sharing tools and empowering audiences to break through blockages hindering them in leading balanced lives full of joy and purpose.

With 20 years of experience as a Diplomat of Asian Bodywork Therapy, I have given thousands of sessions to mostly women, but also men, helping them to overcome their health challenges, ranging from mild pain to serious illnesses such as cancer. Some of my clients include the former wife of a retired cabinet member of both Presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton, the wife of a retired MD, a partner of an accountant firm, a marketing sales executive to one of the top leading hardware engineers for the next generation of the Apple iPhone. Having been initiated as a Shaman, I blend the physical world with each person’s inner guidance as well as my empathic abilities. I understand at the deepest level why my clients get stuck and inspire them to create healthy changes in their lives. I have created several visual and audio guided hands-on healing products, including my recently published book, “30 Days to a Vibrant, Healthier, Younger You”.

I wasn’t always a healer though. Before that, I was “living the dream,” putting my electrical engineering degree to work and earning awards (and lots of money) as a hi-tech sales person for big companies such as HP, Motorola, and Windriver (now Intel).

But although I had a successful professional career, my health and personal life both began to suffer. I had trouble breathing and was given the label “asthma” by Western medical doctors while completing my first year at college. In the early eighties, the doctors gave me a prescription drug called Theo-dur to open up my breathing passages, but the medicine made me tired and made my heart race, which made me concerned about how long my life would last.  Then, a little bit over a decade later while juggling my career and family (including my two toddler daughters), I felt burned-out, and my immune system was completely shot.  I remember going to the doctor as a last resort and, thank God, this doctor was not into prescribing drugs, but she did prescribe bed rest for three days,  I remember feeling so lucky because I was about to go on a “bedcation” for three days – no cooking, cleaning, calling on customers or even taking the girls to daycare. After three days, I didn’t feel much better. I remember the day when a co-worker, who is a client of mine today, gave me the number of a holistic practitioner who she thought could help me.  After finally carrying the practitioner’s number in my purse for weeks and calling her when I realized that I wasn’t getting any better, I began my path to holistic healing.  I had such outstanding results that I eventually started taking classes, working on friends and family and quit the corporate world to become a healer myself.

Using Chinese Medicine modalities, I was able to heal myself of burn-out, a weakened immune system, asthma, and even a bleeding colon. My healing also came through the Shamanic Medicine Wheel training of Inka Shamanism that I was doing at the time. The Shamanic work also helped me take my second career as a holistic practitioner to completely new heights than I had ever been able to take it before. I was more prosperous and reaching more people than ever.

So today, I love helping sensitive creative professionals become more conscious of what they truly want to create and help them to build that life. I do so by showing them how to clear the obstacles that are getting in the way of them creating the lives they truly want, encompassing all areas of their lives, for this is truly wholistic living.

If you have already tried several medical or even natural health treatments, but only received marginal results, you will love my wholistic integrative approach that goes beyond exercise and nutrition, thus diving deep to get to the root cause and impact your overall health with the side benefit of looking younger than you actually are.  When your health is taken care of, everything else in your life begins to follow suit.

Here’s a sampling of what’s in store for Live Your Soul’s True Destiny Retreat Series Program:

♥ The number one reason why most people can’t move past their health issues (and how to transform it)

♥ The four ways in which health issues are born and so you you can overcome them over and over again until the specific health issue is gone and everything else in your life follows suit to catch up with the vibration of having no health issues

♥ Six core strategies to get to the root of your health issues that will ultimately affect every area in your life and help you live a harmonious life

♥ Vibration upgrade so you can attract what you want in your life, especially vibrant health with the added benefit of looking younger

♥ 20 minute daily hands-on healings techniques that will leave you not only feeling centered but energized

♥ 4 Sharpened Sensory Techniques to help You TRUST your Intuition FULLY to equip you with empathy leading to compassion

♥ The number one principle to how we manifest what we want in our lives and how to flip the switch to do it consciously instead of unconsciously  (Thoughts and feelings become matter)

♥ The number one secret to getting on the path to have your life completely work

♥ The five pillars to having a healthy lifestyle

If you are the least bit curious or interested in


Your Soul’s True Destiny Personalized 

75-Minute Session  ($275 VALUE)

Only 13 applicants will be accepted into the program so apply EARLY!

Listen up to what others who have worked with me have to say!

I was able to plan my first successful telesummit –“Women on Purpose” with EASE!

Tomasa held such a loving space for me to heal such a profound personal situation in my life on both the physical and emotional levels that it helped me get back to planning the successful telesummit that I held last fall. After working with Tomasa, not only could I breathe, but my stomach, which was tied up in knots was relieved.  Essentially, I was able to be proactive rather than reactive with LIFE.

Sage Lavine, Life Coach

I am a clearer channel for myself, my business & in my life!

Tomasa has helped me unblock my energy so that I was able prepare for a successful book launch & accomplish my upcoming book, “Girl from the Hood Gone Good.” As a Reiki Practitioner Counselor, my energy is able to flow through me clearer. Now when I counsel, my message is clear enough to touch my client’s hearts.

Ana Maria Sanchez, Spiritual Guidance Counselor & Author

Get ready to shine your light so you can live a vibrant life, full of of love and compassion with a side benefit of looking younger without all of the lotions, potions and a knife, and watch everything in your life align with this new vibration that you radiate!

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