Survey Says…Stress Ages You! (That’s what my own personal marketing data research points to)

Surprise, surprise!  When I asked my clients and friends what they feel ages them, the majority of the 175 folks that replied said it was stress.  Yikes!  That’s a pretty unified answer.  But what exactly is stress?  What does it … Continue reading

The ultimate self-care is doing work that you are passionate about and not being a slave to a JOB that just pays the bills

As we end 2012, I have succumbed to a deeper story that I didn’t realize existed until I looked profoundly at the story of why I am the Self-Care Queen. Earlier this month, I attended an event, Your Ecstatic Wealth … Continue reading

Clear the Debris and Allow your Light to Shine

Everyday you live your life conscious and many things unconsciously; the choice can be yours if you want to live it more consciously.  Today, it was brought to my attention from an astrology/intuitive reading that I needed to step up … Continue reading