Survey Says…Stress Ages You! (That’s what my own personal marketing data research points to)

Surprise, surprise!  When I asked my clients and friends what they feel ages them, the majority of the 175 folks that replied said it was stress.  Yikes!  That’s a pretty unified answer.  But what exactly is stress?  What does it … Continue reading

Sungazing: How the Sun Can Help You Age Gracefully

The sun (or Father Sun as I know it) has gotten a bad rap about aging your skin. From the dark sunglasses to the SPF 50 sunscreen full of toxins, people today will do whatever it takes to protect themselves … Continue reading

RE-Storing the Water Element to help you Thrive!

While much of America is busy bustling around to get everyone jumpstarting with their New Year’s Goals and resolutions, I am basking in the flow of the water element.  Something that I never used to do, because I was just … Continue reading

Why Macrobiotic Food Combining is Important?

In Chinese Medicine, we say that if your digestive system is optimal, then you have a good chance of surviving any dis-ease that comes your way.  Our bodies are always performing biochemical reactions.  The Digestive system in particular likes to … Continue reading