Wood Time – Watch Out!

People, this is the Wood time of the year! We might feel the need to be moving fast, wanting to set goals…oh, and blurting out anger or frustration without really feeling what’s going on deep inside. One of the things … Continue reading

The ultimate self-care is doing work that you are passionate about and not being a slave to a JOB that just pays the bills

As we end 2012, I have succumbed to a deeper story that I didn’t realize existed until I looked profoundly at the story of why I am the Self-Care Queen. Earlier this month, I attended an event, Your Ecstatic Wealth … Continue reading

Bring your Emotions Back Into BALANCE with the Wood Element

Yesterday, I spoke about the WOOD element archetype and how wood may show up in your body disharmonized.  I hinted a little bit about the emotions, but what I didn’t tell you directly is that the reason no wanted to … Continue reading

Clear the Debris and Allow your Light to Shine

Everyday you live your life conscious and many things unconsciously; the choice can be yours if you want to live it more consciously.  Today, it was brought to my attention from an astrology/intuitive reading that I needed to step up … Continue reading