How I Healed From a Bleeding Colon

Twelve years ago, I was diagnosed with dysplasia in the colon which, in my case, meant that my colon was bleeding. It was ­Christmas night of 2005, and I awakened from a nighttime nap to sharp stomach pains.  The first … Continue reading

The Skinny on Oils

Oils themselves are extracted and are not considered a whole food.  They are not recommended for daily use unless you are taking them medicinally. Suggested maximum oil consumption in a day: If you feel that you could release some weight  … Continue reading

Why Macrobiotic Food Combining is Important?

In Chinese Medicine, we say that if your digestive system is optimal, then you have a good chance of surviving any dis-ease that comes your way.  Our bodies are always performing biochemical reactions.  The Digestive system in particular likes to … Continue reading