From Darkness to LIGHT – Staying Clear even when it seems like it is out of your CONTROL

As life goes on daily, you are bombarded by different energies.  Those energies accumulate over time.  Sometimes, you are not aware when you are hit by an entity.  Yes, I said it an ENTITY.  An entity, is a spirit that … Continue reading

Are GoodByes difficult for you as they are for ME?

I self-reflect on life and all it has to offer.  I recall whenever I am leaving a family member or a friend especially after a visit with a trip…the goodbye time can be difficult for me.  I am reminded of … Continue reading

Clear the Debris and Allow your Light to Shine

Everyday you live your life conscious and many things unconsciously; the choice can be yours if you want to live it more consciously.  Today, it was brought to my attention from an astrology/intuitive reading that I needed to step up … Continue reading