Do you usually fall asleep on the couch half way through the movie?

Are you running on empty after taking care of everyone and putting yourself last?

Is it getting more difficult to get to everything done on your to-do list?

If so, you have come to the right place because I know exactly how you feel.  I’ve been in your shoes…

15 years ago, married with 2 toddler daughters and a thriving corporate career in the hi-tech industry, I experienced severe adrenal fatigue. It was hard for me to get-up in the morning and I would often wonder how I would make it through the day.

Then one day, things took a turn for the worse. I became quite ill with a cold that I just couldn’t seem to kick.

I was so depleted, that even after following the doctor’s order of three full days of bed rest, I still couldn’t get better… until a co-worker referred me to a practitioner who did what I do today. After receiving Ancient Healing, I began to recover.  Quickly, I got my energy back, but what was even better, was that I had stamina for the first time in years!

After a few sessions, I started to feel deeply rejuvenated.

With this new surge of energy and knowing things had to change dramatically in my life or I would end up in the hospital and maybe even the graveyard, I left my corporate job to study Ancient Healing and I became a practitioner of this Healing Art.

I became committed to helping superwomen, mothers, business owners, people like you and me to be able to live full lives, help lots of people and make lots of money WITHOUT BURNING OUT!!!

So I became a woman on a mission and my practice grew very quickly. Certain clients started asking me for a way to keep connected to this work in between sessions. That’s why I created the “Vibrant Energy Flow System”.

And what I found over the years was that my clients were getting different results. Some were getting better quickly and some weren’t. I needed to find out WHY?  And when I researched it, I figured out that the clients who had purchased my “Vibrant Energy Flow System” (a complete home-study audio course) and who were using it daily, were successful. Those who either didn’t use it daily or simply didn’t purchase it, would get better after our one on one sessions, but the results were not long lasting and I would feel like we were starting over every time I would see them as opposed to making real progress.

I knew that daily repetition this was the key to success. But my clients also had lots of questions, so I knew that having a time and space to talk about your specific situation, what’s stopping you now was crucial if I wanted my clients to be successful with this program.

That’s why I created the “Quadruple Your Energy in 6 Weeks or Less Webinar Series”.

Because let’s face it, YOU ARE BUSY, you have a lot of irons in the fire and coming in weekly for a session just isn’t realistic (especially if you don’t live in the San Francisco Bay area!).

If you are here, I would bet that you also have a BIG MISSION and BIG HEART and you are here to make a BIG DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.

And you are also DISCERNING AND SMART.

You would LOVE more energy but above all you want something that is good for you. You don’t want to compromise by doing something that will harm you in the long run.

You need something NATURAL, EFFECTIVE, EASY AND FAST that will give you AMAZING RESULTS.

Well, that is exactly what this program is:  NATURAL, EFFECTIVE, EASY AND FAST and will give you AMAZING RESULTS! I know it works and I would love to share it with you.

This program is for you if:

–       You are a busy lady and usually feel your energy crash in the afternoon

–       You tend to go for caffeine, carbs, sugar or energy drinks (even though you know better!) to make it through the day without falling asleep at your desk

–       You feel in a haze and your productivity drops after the 3 pm mark

–       You want to STOP feeling exhausted when you wake-up in the morning!

–       You care about your health and aging gracefully and you know that something has to change


In this program you will

discover simple self-help tools you can do anytime, anywhere that will help boost your energy naturally.

…learn how you can be vivacious, full of energy and feel deeply rejuvenated naturally and easily, so you can serve more clients, make more money and spend more time with your loved ones.

You will also learn my Secret System to tap into Boundless energy ANYTIME, ANYWHERE… so you can enjoy Clear Focus and Sustained Business Success

In this program You Will Get: 

–       6 One Hour Teleseminars (recorded) where you will learn the art of different flows to help clear old energy blocks, stop energy drains and refuel your battery which include a CENTERING Flow, Attitude Adjustment Flow, REVITALIZING Flow, ANTI-AGING Flow, and a DETOXING Flow

It all starts November 26, 2012 and goes through January 14, 2013, weekly at noon, PST

–       My complete “Vibrant Energy Flow System” in digital download so you can put it in your iPad/iPhone/iPod and listen to it in bed before you get up in the morning and before you fall asleep at night

–       1 ticket to my Ultimate Rejuvenation 3 day Retreat + bring 1 friend for $97 March 23-25, 2013

A wise man once said that in any sales situation, THE PERSON WITH THE MOST ENERGY ALWAYS WINS. You know what that means for your business, right?

Be a winner!

ENERGY IS ALL AROUND US. I will teach you how to tap into the infinite source of energy that surrounds us so YOU WILL NEVER RUN ON EMPTY AGAIN. And if by accident you did, you will know exactly what to do to refuel your tank instantly!!!

What would it be worth to you to have more than enough energy? How different would your life be?

My coach is urging me to charge more for this program but I am on a mission and I want to make it easy for you to get it if you want it. So here is the deal, the price for this program is $997, but my New Year’s gift to you is 50% off at $497.

Get the “Quadruple Your Energy in 6 Weeks or Less” now! 

Quadruple Your Energy in 6 Weeks or Less BUNDLE
Quadruple Your Energy in 6 Weeks or Less BUNDLE
Quadruple Your Energy in 6 Weeks or Less Virtual Class Bundle Package!
Price: $997.00
Price: $497.00

Yes Tomasa, I am ready to

  • Stop living my life in a fog
  • Look and feel more youthful and vibrant
  • Keep my energy reserves replenished and de-stress
  • Know how to use the elements within nature to boost my Energy
  • Be able to keep up with my kids/grand-kids
  • Have enough “umph” left in me to take my dog to the park on the weekend (and actually enjoy it!)
  • Appreciate networking to grow my business again (instead of dreading it because I would rather just sit on the couch and fall asleep after a long day’s work)
  • Get more clients and Rock it!!!


Yes, Tomasa!   I would like to join your “Quadruple Your Energy in 6 Weeks or Less”  

I hope to hear you on the calls soon!




PS: There are few things more precious in life than your energy and how you spend it. Are you ready to have your energy doubled, tripled or even quadrupled in just 20 minutes a day? Take me up on this opportunity before the price goes up!


Here’s what Others Are Saying about Working with Tomasa-


“This very powerful healing art is effective and easy to do at a moments notice!”

Before working with Tomasa, I was having a hard time with low energy levels, especially in the afternoon. By utilizing Tomasa’s “Vibrant Energy Flow System”, I now know how to boost my energy quickly and on-demand. This very powerful healing art is effective and easy to do at a moments notice– anytime, anywhere!

Nathalie Chapron, Stylist Extraordinaire



Oh my god I loved this! Vibrant Energy Flow System! I fell asleep last night with my headphones on listening to it. I must say one of the best nights of rest I’ve had in awhile!”

Ana Maria Sanchez, M.S.
Licensed Heal Your Life Educator


Author and Inspirational Speaker
Empowerment Counselor
Reiki Master Practitioner 





Tomasa Macapinlac, Diplomat of Asian BodyworkTherapy (NCCAOM) and founder of The Ancient Healing Method”  Tomasa is also known as “The Self-Care Queen”. She is the undisputed ENERGY expert and has given thousands of individual sessions and dozens of talks, workshops and retreats all over the country; all with the sole purpose of helping superwomen get their energy back so that they can thrive in their businesses, serve more clients, make more money and spend more time doing the things they love.

Tomasa is also the author of “The Vibrant Energy Flow System” audio program and the founder of the new webinar series “Quadruple Your Energy in 6 Weeks or Less”

Get the “Quadruple Your Energy in 6 Weeks or Less” now!