—Dear Superwoman,

Are you always busy?

Do you find yourself running on empty after taking care of everyone and putting yourself last?


If so, you have come to the right place because I know exactly how you feel.  I’ve been in your shoes…

15 years ago, married with 2 toddler daughters and a thriving corporate career in the hi-tech industry, I experienced severe adrenal fatigue. It was hard for me to get-up in the morning and I would often wonder how I would make it through the day.

Then one day, things took a turn for the worse. I became quite ill with a cold that I just couldn’t seem to kick.

I was so depleted, that even after following the doctor’s order of three full days of bed rest, I still couldn’t get better… until a co-worker referred me to a practitioner who did what I do today. After receiving Ancient Healing, I began to recover.  Quickly, I got my energy back, but what was even better, was that I had stamina for the first time in years!

After a few sessions, I started to feel deeply rejuvenated.

With this new surge of energy and knowing things had to change dramatically in my life or I would end up in the hospital and maybe even the graveyard, I left my corporate job to study Ancient Healing and I became a practitioner of this Healing Art.

I became committed to helping superwomen, mothers, business owners, people like you and me to be able to live full lives, help lots of people, make lots of money WITHOUT BURNING OUT!!!

In order to fulfill my life’s mission, I have to make sure as many people have access to these ancient secrets as possible. That’s where you come in. I have a gift for you.

I would like to gift you a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to one of my upcoming teleclass. That means you can attend one teleseminars for FREE. It’s a GIFT WORTH $97, ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR YOU.


In “How to go from Burnt Out to Vivacious in 5 Easy Steps”

You will discover simple self-help tools you can do anytime, anywhere that will help boost your energy naturally.

You will learn how you can be vivacious, full of energy and feel deeply rejuvenated naturally and easily, so you can serve more clients, make more money and spend more time with your loved ones.

You will also learn my Secret System to tap into Boundless energy, Clear Focus and Sustained Business Success

In this  75 min Teleseminar, You will learn how to:

  • Avoid sapping your energy and sustain vibrant energy
  • Plug the energy drain that keeps you depleted
  • Keep your reserves replenished and de-stress
  • Use the elements within nature to boost your Energy

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PPS: Don’t take my word for it. See what other superwomen are saying about

From Burnt Out to Vivacious in 5 Easy Steps


“I am a clearer channel for myself, my business & in my life!”

Tomasa has helped me unblock my energy so that I was able prepare for a successful book launch & accomplish my upcoming book, “Girl from the Hood Gone Good.” As a Reiki Practitioner Counselor, my energy is able to flow through me clearer. Now when I counsel, my message is clear enough to touch my client’s hearts.

Ana Maria Sanchez, Spiritual Guidance Counselor                               http://www.freethelightwithin.com


“Tomasa has assisted me in maintaining my connection to my body by sharing me tools and techniques that I could do on myself at home… AMAZING!”

The first time I met Tomasa I was in agony! I had injured my back after one of my busiest days in practice. That weekend I attended a chiropractic seminar where I was adjusted three times.  Although my back was improving, I was afraid of my body because any slight motion would send my back into spasms.  Lucky me, I had my husband drive me to an appointment with Tomasa because I couldn’t push down on the clutch nor could I stand up straight. Honestly, I was really worried about being able to serve my patients the following week. Tomasa worked her healing magic and by the end of the session I was no longer afraid of my body, but reconnected to it. I could stand up straight and I was able to continue serving my patients without interruption thanks to Tomasa!

Dr. Geraldine Mulhall, DC                                                                                                                 http://mulhallfamilychiropractic.com/


“This very powerful healing art is effective and easy to do at a moments notice!”

Before working with Tomasa, I was having a hard time with low energy levels, especially in the afternoon. By utilizing Tomasa’s “Vibrant Energy Flow System”, I now know how to boost my energy quickly and on-demand. This very powerful healing art is effective and easy to do at a moments notice– anytime, anywhere!

Nathalie Chapron, Stylist Extraordinaire



“Tomasa guided me through a transformational phase that helped me overcome obstacles in my business.”

“I originally started working with Tomasa because of physical problems I was having that kept me from my daily activity. After my first session I felt immediate and lasting results and feeling completely energized! Tomasa has helped me find clarity and an abundance of energy on both a physical and emotional level. Because of this newfound energy source, I was able to attract the right people I needed to help my business grow.  As a Business Intuitive, Tomasa’s work has helped me clear blocks so that I have the energy to find what direction is favorable for my business. ”

Dr. Monique Hunt, The Business Intuitive




Tomasa Macapinlac, Diplomat of Asian Bodywork Therapy (NCCAOM) and founder of The Ancient Healing Method”  Tomasa is also known as “The Self-Care Queen”. She is the undisputed ENERGY expert and has given thousands of individual sessions and dozens of talks, workshops and retreats all over the country; all with the sole purpose of helping superwomen get their energy back so that they can thrive in their businesses, serve more clients, make more money and spend more time doing the things they love.

Tomasa is also the author of “The Vibrant Energy Flow System” audio program and the founder of the new webinar series “Quadruple Your Energy in 6 Weeks or Less”



Yes, Tomasa!   I would like to learn how to go from Burnt Out to Vivacious in 5 Easy Steps

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